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LA Health is a closed medical scheme providing excellent cover to employees of local authorities and organisations affiliated to local authorities.

LA Health Medical Scheme and Discovery Health (Pty)Ltd

LA Health Medical Scheme provides cover to more than 64 000 beneficiaries and has been operating in the Local Government industry for more than 40 years.

Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd administers LA Health Medical Scheme. The Scheme offers five different Benefit Options to choose from, catering for every members’ specific needs. This makes it an attractive option for potential members.

The Scheme has almost doubled its membership over the last 5 years! At the same time it has maintained and grown its reserve levels, which are in excess of the minimum requirements.
If you have not yet considered LA Health Medical Scheme as your medical scheme of choice, you can do so now by accessing the exciting tools on our website.

Enhance your lifestyle

Research shows that if you want to improve your health and prevent disease, it can be as easy as making small, sustainable and positive daily lifestyle adjustments.

These adjustments mean being physically active, following a healthy diet, taking preventive measures and making healthy lifestyle choices. By making these choices every day, you significantly improve and maintain wellness – a combination of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

LA Health believes in an integration of health and lifestyle benefits which aims to make members healthier so that they can enjoy a better lifestyle.

Our website is here for you!

Existing and prospective LA Health members can benefit from the wealth of information we’ve put on this website. Read about contributions, benefits, general communication and the administrative tools available to help you register as a member.
If you would like to access the Medical and Provider search (MaPs) to find a medical practitioner in your area, please login now by using your unique PIN number. If you have not registered yet, click register and follow the process.

2011 Benefits and Contributions

Our contribution increases
are of the lowest in the market for 2011. At the same time the Scheme significantly enhanced benefits and increased all benefit limits.
You will go far to find such a secure and well-managed provider for your healthcare needs!



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