Vitality Check

Vitality Check

Vitality Check

Have your Vitality Check, which includes screenings for blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and a weight assessment.

Visit a pharmacy in the Vitality Wellness Network or your company’s Wellness Day to have a Vitality Check. You’ll find out your risk for common chronic diseases of lifestyle like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity.

The cost and where to have the Vitality Check

  • Discovery Health covers the cost of R125 once a year from your Screening Benefit for the Vitality Check. If you don’t have all the screening tests on the same day, you will have to pay for the tests you have later from your Medical Savings Account or your pocket. If you are a Discovery Life policyholder, you will need to pay for the Vitality Check yourself. Bankmed members must refer to their scheme rules.
  • If a waiting period applies to you or your family you can only use the Screening and Prevention Benefit when your waiting period expires.
  • You must have the Vitality Check at a pharmacy or healthcare professional that is part of the Vitality Wellness Network.

Earning Vitality points

  • All members aged 18 and older can earn points for having the Vitality Check.
  • You earn 500 Vitality points for each of the blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol screenings and 1 000 Vitality points for the weight assessment.
  • You earn Vitality bonus points (the points you earn can be boosted to 3 000 points for the blood pressure , blood glucose and cholesterol assessments and 5 000 points for the weight assessment.) for each test if your results are within the goal range.
  • Your Vitality points will automatically show on your Vitality Points Monitor in one week.
AssessmentVitality pointsGoal rangeBonus points
Weight assessment1000Body mass index* between 18.5 and 24.9 and a waist circumference for men of less than 102cm and for women less than 88cm4000
Blood pressure500Reading of 140mmHg/90mmHG or less2 500
Glucose500Reading of less than 7.8 mmol/l2 500
Cholesterol500Reading of less than 5 mmol/l2 500
  • Body mass index (BMI) – BMI is a widely accepted, reliable indicator of a person’s weight status. As a screening tool it is appropriate for the majority of the population. However, because the BMI calculation is dependent only on a person’s weight and height it may give an inaccurate indication of body composition in certain populations, for example in pregnant women and body builders. In these cases body fat percentage or waist circumference measures may be more accurate. 
  • Health measures during pregnancy – Please speak to your healthcare provider about healthy weight gain during pregnancy and monitoring your health measures. BMI and waist circumference as health measures do not apply during pregnancy. Other measures taken during a Vitality Check and Wellness Day may also change, which can affect the evaluation of your health status. If you put these results into your Personal Health Review, it can affect the accuracy of your Vitality Age, the feedback you get and the goals we recommend for you. A variation in your heart rate response to exercise means the Vitality check is also not suitable during pregnancy.
  • Glucose test - If you are planning on doing your glucose test during the Vitality Screening tests it is important to note that this is a random test. If you eat or drink anything before the test it could affect your glucose reading. For a more accurate result it is advisable to fast for at least 6-8 hours before doing the test.


Find your nearest pharmacy in the Vitality Wellness Network. Call the pharmacy to make an appointment and have your Vitality Check done.

Places where you can complete the Vitality Check

  1. At a pharmacy in the Vitality Wellness Network.
  2. At a Discovery Wellness Day
  3. At a Discovery Wellness Centre (through your Financial Adviser)

If you complete a Vitality Check at a Vitality Wellness Network pharmacy, a Discovery Health Wellness Day or Discovery Wellness Centre, your results will be submitted automatically. If you complete your health checks at a GP or other authentic test facilities we need you to send us your official results by emailing us on or by faxing us on (011) 539 7347.