Introducing the NEW Vitality Active Rewards with iPhone benefit

09 October 2019

You might have seen our iPhone benefit trending in the last few weeks. This is because the amazing offer has people wanting to get on board, and get an iPhone on us. It sounds almost unbelievable - except that it is 100% legit. You can fund a new iPhone by meeting all of your weekly Vitality Active Rewards health, drive and money goals. It is the most affordable way to pay for your iPhone - with good behaviour.

The iPhone benefit is modelled on our successful Apple Watch benefit, with a few tweaks. "We brought you Apple Watch to help you exercise more and we saw a 34% increase in physical activity, so we wanted to take it further to bring you iPhone and encourage positive behaviour change in other aspects of your life like safer driving and healthier banking too, "said Discovery Chief Executive Adrian Gore.

The Apple Watch benefit had a phenomenal impact on physical activity around the world. An international study found that the concept of funding your watch by meeting exercise goals, increased activity levels by 34% for people with an Apple Watch, especially for members who were high-risk, with low physical activity levels. That's 4.8 extra days of activity per month, or two years of extra life. And a state-of-the-art watch you don't have to pay for if you stay moving and stay healthy.

Helping people bank healthier

Discovery Bank teamed up with Vitality and drew on this experience of how nudging behaviour can be a force for good, and applied it to getting people to change their money behaviours for the better. Seeing as the Discovery Bank app is like having a bank branch in the palm of your hand, the link between the bank and iPhone was a natural fit.

How it works

Qualifying Discovery Bank clients can activate the Vitality Active Rewards with iPhone benefit. You can choose from a variety of iPhones based on the type of account you have and the credit you have available. We'll help you fund your new iPhone based on your weekly Vitality Active Rewards exercise, drive and money goal achievement for 24 months.

Once you're a Discovery Bank client, with Vitality Money, get your new iPhone in these easy steps:

  1. Activate Vitality Active Rewards on the latest Discovery app.
  2. Go to the iPhone benefit on the Discovery Bank app to browse the iPhones you may qualify for and calculate your monthly cash back or repayments.
  3. Visit an iStore near you to select your iPhone and complete your iPhone benefit activation.
  4. Achieve your Vitality Active Rewards health, drive and money goals.

If you are a qualifying Discovery Bank client with only Vitality Money active, you can still activate the benefit and earn monthy cash back based on the number of Vitality Active Rewards money goals you achieve.  

Want to upgrade your phone? Upgrade your bank.

Download the Discovery Bank app to get started or find out more about how to upgrade to Discovery Bank. 

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