Get financially healthier and improve your
Vitality Money status

Get financially healthier and improve your
Vitality Money status

Improve   your Vitality Money status and unlock amazing rewards.

Your Discovery Bank app gives your access to a world of tools, advice and tracking that will help you manage your money.

Stay on top of your goals and track your progress  

Your Vitality Money goals encourage you to improve your financial knowledge and increase your savings. Get to your monthly money goals and track your progress on the Discovery Bank app. You can see how your Vitality Money status improves and your rewards increase as you earn more points.

Here's how:

  • At the start of the month, you’ll get up to two personal goals
  • The number and type of goals will depend on the areas where you need to improve
  • You can try to meet one or both goals every month
  • You’ll earn points based on how many goals you’ve achieved over a four-month period
1 goal achieved 1 000 points
2 goals achieved 2 000 points
3 goals achieved 3 000 points
4 goals achieved 5 000 points
Learn how it’s done with Worth financial online training  

Do you want to brush up on your money management skills? Get access to online videos that will give you a better understanding of the important concepts that impact your finances. Learn more about debt management, become a savvy saver or ensure you have the right financial protection in place. Access these videos for no extra cost at any time. You can also do a world-class six-week financial education course with Worth.

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Get rid of debt  

Improve your financial status by understanding how unsecured debt impacts you. Do our Debt Assessment and earn Vitality Money points. We’ll give you helpful information that you can use to get rid of debt. You’ll get:

  • A tailored Debt Repayment plan
  • An easy-to-use tool that shows you how extra repayments help to pay off debt quicker
Know your Vitality Retirement Age  

Complete the Retirement Assessment to get your predicted Vitality Retirement Age, set your retirement goals and earn retirement points for staying on track. We’ll help you find out what changes you need to make to achieve the retirement age you want.

Understand your investment risk profile  

Investing and finances can be tricky, but with our Risk Capacity Assessment you’ll learn more about your investment risk profile. You can use your risk profile when managing your investments and to safeguard your long-term financial health.

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