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Discovery Business Insurance, a division of Discovery Insure, is a commercial insurer that comprehensively protects businesses through innovative technology-enabled solutions. Our business insurance product is underpinned by our shared-value model of insurance which uses incentive-based insurance principles to encourage behaviour change that reduces the insurance risks and results in savings for the insurer. These savings are then shared with clients to further incentivise behaviour change.

Building better businesses through shared-value

Discovery’s shared-value model for our business insurance offering

We are different to traditional insurance companies in that we look at your business holistically, helping you to become a better and high performing business that can manage its risks.

We offer businesses comprehensive multi-peril cover, and have expanded our offering to provide cover for business risks of today.

Through the Vitality Drive for Business programme, we offer you and your drivers great rewards for driving well, and our business insurance offering includes a comprehensive technology-enabled risk management framework to help you better manage the risks facing your business.

Why choose business insurance from Discovery?

At Discovery Business Insurance, we understand that different businesses have different needs. That’s why we give you comprehensive, flexible insurance cover tailored to your business needs in a modern, fast-paced world; insurance that is driven by technology and built on our globally recognised shared-value model of insurance. The diagram below summarises our product offering.

Business insurance from Discovery Insure – our comprehensive insurance product offering

Reasons to insure your business with Discovery

  • Our market-leading multi-peril cover caters for the modern risks and is supported by the shared-value model of insurance
  • Our approach to risk management is innovative and enabled by technology
  • An extensive partner network means that we can give clients world-class expertise to improve their business
  • Our unique service innovations lead to fast recovery after a claim
  • We are a division of Discovery Insure, the fastest growing short-term insurer in the South African market
  • With Vitality Drive for Business, you and your drivers get rewarded for driving well

For more information about our business insurance offering, view our Sales brochure or watch this video.

With Discovery Business Insurance, you can expect cover for all standard business risks. But it doesn’t end there. We offer a range of unique products and benefits that no other business insurance offers you.

Products and services

With Rewards for Business, you can get up to 50% cash back on your monthly business data costs with MTN, by completing two assessments that will help you assess and improve the health and risk profile of your business.

Rewards for Business

We have enhanced our product to assist clients navigate the challenges they face during the COVID-19 period. These enhancements include access to capital in partnership with Merchant Capital, cover for businesses working from home, tailored cash back for reduced business risk and driving less during lockdown levels.

Covid-19 enhancements

Through our partnership with the global, leading company, Endeavor, we will provide business with services that are customised to their needs to take them to the next level of their evolution.

Creating better businesses

Discovery Business Insurance covers your business for traditional risks. We also have an extensive partner network which ensures that your business will be covered for the unique risks of today.

Partner network

True to Discovery Insure's core purpose of creating a nation of great drivers, our Business Vitality Drive programme uses incentive-based insurance principles to encourage good driving behaviour.

Rewards for Driving well

Our insurance offering is underpinned by innovative technology. Our Business Vitality Drive programme uses telematics technology to measure and reward good driving. We also use drones and thermal imaging to gather more accurate information of the business premises, which can help businesses improve their risk.

Technology-enabled risk

We offer clients comprehensive insurance as well as cover innovations for the unique risks that restaurants face.Clients can also get great rewards for managing their business risks well.

Restaurant Owners' Product

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