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The Discovery Business Insurance Plan offers you market-leading insurance cover for your business at highly competitive rates, including comprehensive property and vehicle insurance. The Plan offers multi-peril cover that businesses trust, and we have expanded our offering to include cover for the risks of today, including cyber risks, reputational risk and social media liability

The diagram below summarises the key features of the Discovery Business Insurance product offering.

Business insurance products from Discovery Insure

Key features of our business insurance product

Property and accident

We provide market-leading insurance for your business, including property and accident cover. The unique features include:

Broadest business interruption cover

  • Business interruption cover following property damage, theft, damage to electronic equipment and theft of or damage to insured vehicles

Advanced risk assessment using technology

  • Drone technology used to assess risk at your business premises
  • Thermal imaging to detect electrical faults
  • Smart glass technology facilitates the real-time collection of risk information and live analysis by our team of expert risk engineers
  • Online tools to self-assess risk

Commercial motor vehicle insurance

We offer comprehensive cover for your business vehicles with unique rewards and features:

Online fleet portal - Allows you to track your vehicles in real time and analyse and manage the driving behavior of your drivers

Rewards for good driving - Get up to 30% back of your vehicle premiums back for driving well. Drivers get weekly rewards including an airtime or data voucher, meal, coffee or smoothie for driving well

Retail Value booster - Allows you to boost the sum insured value of your vehicles by an extra 15% of the retail value

Write-off accelerator - Allows you to write off your vehicle at a lower damage level of 40% or 50%

Unique safety features

  • Impact Alert - Sends immediate emergency assistance to your driver if we detect a severe impact to your vehicle, even if we can't get hold of them
  • Find my vehicles – Through the fleet portal, you can find and track all your vehicles in real time
  • Vehicle panic button – Turns the driver’s phone into a panic button that allows immediate assistance in the event of an emergency
  • Weather warnings – Sends an sms to drivers to warn them of imminent severe weather

Protection against liability claims

Our expansive cover caters for the following unique risks of the 21st century:

Cyber Insurance

  • Covers you or a third-party following loss due to a cyber-attack
  • Through our partnership with AVeS Cyber Security, we offer you cyber risk assessment and management solutions at discounted rates
  • Watch this video for an overview of our cyber cover.

Crisis and reputation management

  • Provides cover in the event of a crisis that jeopardises the reputation of your business
  • Basic cover of R50000 automatically included at no additional cost
  • Through our partnership with Edelman, you get 24/7 access to global reputational specialists
  • The reputational specialist will provide a full response strategy following a crisis

Social media liability

  • Covers your business for liability as a result of social media interactions
  • Legal defence costs, wrongful arrest and defamation claims resulting from the event are also covered

Legal services

  • Get 24/7 access to online legal services managed by Origin Systems
  • You also get access to online contract drafting services

Watch this video to see how we offer businesses real solutions and protection.

Unique services

Access to a global network of business services offered through our partnership with Endeavor

  • Clients get access to a global network of business services including mentors, investors, educational opportunities and consultants to help them grow their business
  • All clients will be able to evaluate their business through a diagnostic tool that will help them identify key areas of development so that they can grow their business
  • More information on our business solution delivered through Endeavor can be found under Creating better businesses

24/7 access to a dedicated Project Manager to manage your claim

  • The SWAT team is a specialized team dispatched in the event of a large or complex claim
  • A Project Manager will be appointed to manage the claims process efficiently to make sure you get back to business in the shortest time possible
  • The Project Manager can authorise an emergency business interruption payment if necessary

24/7 claims services

  • During the day, claims can be logged by contacting your broker or calling the claims call centre on 011 529 6620. For emergency claims, contact 0860 999 911
  • You can call the claims call centre after business hours on 011 529 6620 OR 0860 999 911 for emergency claims

24/7 remote IT assistance following a cyber-incidence

  • When a cyber-breach is discovered, it is essential to act comprehensively and quickly. The security packages offered by our expert partner, AVeS Cyber Security, allow for immediate remote assistance following a cyber-breach ensuring that your system can be restored quickly and the loss is minimised

24/7 access to reputational risk management services

  • Get access to 24/7 reputational risk assistance through Edelman’s call centre support service, which gives you access to global reputation specialists who can assist you immediately in the event of a crisis that can damage your reputation. This will enable them to contain the crisis and allow you to recover quickly

Business health report

  • We help you to identify and manage the risks facing your business by providing you with a comprehensive business health report and tailored risk improvement advice to help you manage your business risks.
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