About the Course

The Discovery Control Package covers a combination of the Defensive Driving and the Collision Avoidance & Skid Control courses.

The Discovery Control Package is a full day course and costs R2160 per person, inclusive of VAT. You'll earn 150 Vitality drive points a month for 24 months for completing the course.

Module 1-Defensive Driving

The Defensive Driving Course teaches you to constantly evaluate the change in road conditions and to choose a course of action that allows you to minimize your risk. This course will give you a greater awareness of the external factors that can influence situations on the road, and teach you how to handle traffic problems safely.

You can attend the morning or afternoon course.

There is a practical test that must be done after 3-6 weeks in order to obtain your certificate.

Although there is no additional cost involved you will have to set aside the tome to come and do it.

Module 2-Collision Avoidance and Skid Control

This course is designed to improve your skills of skid control and collision avoidance.  We simulate several different types of skids on the wet skidpan and with practice you will begin to master the skills to deal with many emergency situations.  On a steady gradient and under controlled conditions your growing confidence in handling the motor car will allow you to explore the limits of vehicle control.

You can attend the morning or afternoon course.

This course is offered at the Zwartkops Raceway in Pretoria West.

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