About the Course

The courses cover practical on-road driving, with an instructor carefully watching every manoeuvre.

The Defensive driver training course

An advanced driver is a person who drives to avoid accidents in spite of the actions of others or the presence of adverse conditions and who can take corrective measures to avoid an accident simply by searching, identifying, predicting, deciding, and executing their decisions before an incident occurs.

This course includes practical on-road driving, with an instructor carefully watching every maneuver. The Defensive driving course will not only increase your ability to anticipate emergency situations, it will teach you to handle these situations safely.

Defensive driving principles include: vehicle orientation, potential hazards and threats, road hazards and vehicle positioning, road signs and legal actions, correct driving procedures and general on-road safety.

The Off-road introductory course

This course is designed to introduce the participant to the world of 4x4 driving, covering basic four-wheel drive systems and the latest electronic aids fitted to four-wheel drive vehicles. A 45-minute theory session will also cover basic vehicle setup as well as handling vehicles when venturing into off-road conditions.

The following driving elements will be covered in theory and during a three-hour practical drive: hill ascents and descents, traversing a side slope, driving through ditches and rutted tracks, and deep water wading. All major road surfaces will be discussed with general driving techniques.

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