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By completing a Discovery Insure safety accredited driving course, you’ll learn new skills and techniques that will help keep you and your family safe on the road.

Safety Driving Course

The Discovery Insure Safety course is a full-day course which includes a Skidpan session, Defensive Driving and Hi-Jack Prevention.

Skidpan session

In depth theory session on Safe Driving including different types of skids, weight transfer and safety systems in the vehicles, Collision Avoidance and Slalom. You will also learn about ABS Emergency Lane Changes, ESC Emergency Lane Change and Braking without ABS.

Defensive driving

In depth lecture on Defensive Driving, recognition of hazards, following and stopping distances and general road rules. You will get an understanding of how to conduct an exterior vehicle inspection, Interior vehicle inspection, correct seating position and a driving evaluation (you will receive an evaluation sheet after completing the driving evaluation)

Hi-Jack Prevention

An informative theory session that will cover Hi-Jack prevention tips, statistic on hi-jacking's, types of hi-jacking's and prevention techniques. You will see a Hi-jack prevention demonstration and learn how to safely remove yourself and other passengers (including babies and children) from the vehicle, in a Hi-jack situation. The course will also provide detailed information on vehicle jamming, tracking device and what to do if you are hi-jacked.

The Safety Driving course is a full day course. You will earn 150 Vitality Drive Points for completing this course.

This course is offered in Gauteng only.

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