Discovery Insure driving courses

Our driving courses give you the tools to help you become a better driver. Our driving partners BMW Driving Experience, Jaguar Land Rover Experience, Volkswagen Driving Academy and BMW Rider Academy, offer comprehensive courses that will put you in the driver’s seat to becoming a better, safer driver and earning great rewards

You can earn up to 150 Vitality drive points a month by completing  driving courses by simply:

  • Completing the online driving course from the comfort of your home for 100 Vitality drive points a month for a 12-month period.
  • Competing a driving course earns you up to 150 Vitality drive points every month for 24 months.
If you complete both these courses , you will earn a maximum of 150 Vitality drive points a month
BMW Driving Experience offers the Progressive driving course which covers defensive driving and hijack prevention, and includes a dynamic skidpan session, as well as an on-road practical.
Jaguar Land Rover Experience teaches you how to anticipate emergency situations on the road and negotiate them safely. You can also learn how to control your vehicle when you venture off-road.
Volkswagen Driving Academy will help to increase your awareness on the road when you are faced with day-to-day driving situations. You'll also learn how to predict, identify and negotiate possible road hazards.
BMW Rider Academy offers a variety of courses to help you advance your riding skills and improve your safety on the road.

Online driver training

Our online driving course gives you important driving safety knowledge to help keep you safe on the road. You’ll learn more about defensive driving techniques, the importance of vehicle maintenance and what to do in stressful situations on the road.

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