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Shopper making a payment by tapping their tap-and-go card on the pay point instead of inserting it.

Retailers, shopping malls and most services are open for business. With COVID-19 around, we all have to be more mindful. And, at least for some time ahead, it will change the way we interact and shop. Fortunately, Discovery Bank makes contactless banking and payments easy for our clients.

Futurists call it the time of a ‘contactless economy’. One that limits the exchange of money and human contact – it’s necessary for our health. Before COVID-19, there were things we did without thinking. Drawing money and exchanging cash, handing over bank cards at till points, and standing closely together in queues. These are all habits we have to unlearn while the risk for contracting COVID-19 remains high.

Discovery Bank has all the capabilities built in to make contactless banking and shopping possible for you. As a fully digital bank, you can do all your banking from home. All the services that Discovery Bank provides allow you to transact and shop securely – from the couch or in store – while protecting your health.

Making contactless payments your preferred choice is easy with Discovery Bank  

With contactless payments, you can avoid touching different surfaces and the bank card machine when you pay. You are the only person handling your Discovery Bank card wherever you go. It may sound simple, but this small action safeguards your wellbeing.

Here are the contactless payment options Discovery Bank offers:

Your card is tap-enabled. All you have to do is tap it near a point-of-sale terminal where you see the contactless payment symbol. For your financial safety, these tap-and-go purchases are often capped at R500 or even less at some pay points. So while you may still sometimes have to key in your PIN for purchases, you won’t have to hand your card to the cashier; helping to minimise personal contact.  

Your card can be linked to your fitness device or phone. Connect your Discovery Bank account to a digital wallet of your choice and then safely use your fitness device or smartphone to pay for whatever you need. Activate Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay or Samsung Pay for tap-and-go payments wherever you are. With this option, you need only your fitness device or phone. What you won’t need, is to handle a wallet or cards!

You have access to Discovery Pay. Paying people with Discovery Pay is as easy as having their phone numbers. You can pay any Discovery client who is registered with Discovery Pay, whether they are a Discovery Bank client or not. Besides offering contactless convenience, banking details never have to be exchanged. Discovery Bank does it for you and keeps the details safe.  

Your Discovery Miles rewards currency is accepted at a wide network of stores. You can earn Discovery Miles in a variety of ways. As a widely accepted rewards currency, you can skip shopping queues completely and opt to use Discovery Miles to pay for purchases at our online Discovery Miles partners. You can also still use Discovery Miles when making purchases at many of these partners in store as well. Simply generate a QR code on your app and show it to the cashier. You don’t have to touch anything but your phone. (Remember to disinfect items that you touch regularly, like your phone.)

Keeping your household connected from the Discovery Bank app  

With a Discovery Bank account, there’s no need to head out to the shops to make sure you stay connected to family, friends or your business. Buying airtime, data or SMS bundles is just a few taps away on the Discovery Bank app. And, when you have Vitality Money, the Discovery Miles you earn will also come in handy as a payment option that gives you an extra 15% off these services that keep you connected to others.

If you manage your household water and electricity use with prepaid services, there’s more good news. Prepaid water and electricity is now available on the Discovery Bank app and you can pay for it in cash or by redeeming your Discovery Miles. You also qualify for the 15% discount when using your Discovery Miles to purchase prepaid water and electricity.

Activate Health Banking to easily settle healthcare co-payments and skip the queues  

When you activate Health Banking and link your Discovery Health Medical Scheme membership to your debit or credit card with Discovery Bank, it enables you to automatically settle co-payments at pharmacies like Clicks and Dis-Chem, as well as hospitals and medical service providers. This means you won’t need to wait in a queue to pay at a till – collect your medicine and Discovery Bank will do the rest. You can also avoid queues completely by having your medicine delivered; you’ll get instant notifications of payments through Health Banking.

Remember to be cyber-safe too

As you use digital shopping and banking channels, remember to always make your security a priority. When it comes to banking on the app, rest assured that at Discovery Bank we only use the latest and most secure banking security measures on our banking app.

Make sure that you do not fall prey to opportunistic cyber criminals. Educate yourself about some of the latest scams out there and what to look out for when shopping or managing your admin online. We have put together some of the latest trends used by fraudsters, so check out this article and don’t be vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Using contactless payments could help and experts say we’ll see more of these services from now on. Your Discovery Bank accounts go a long way in helping you take the first steps in a contactless economy; protecting your financial and physical health.

Want to know how healthy your finances are?

Discovery Bank clients get their Vitality Money status by setting up Vitality Money on the Discovery Bank app and completing the Vitality Money Assessment. With the newly launched Vitality Money Calculator, anyone can complete the assessment on the Discovery website and find out their status and unique HealthyFood and other rewards.

The Vitality Money Calculator

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