Forex vs credit card - which is best for international travel?


Gone are the days of traveller's cheques (remember those?) or converting large amounts of cash at the airport. Travelling abroad is much simpler these days, especially if you have a forex or credit card. But which one is best?

You're fully vaccinated, the world is calling your name, and you saved big on your international flight booking through the Vitality Travel platform (coming soon). The only thing left is to decide forex or credit card?

We recommend a foreign currency card. Here's why

1. No foreign conversion fees

A foreign currency account is designed for smart, seamless foreign currency transactions. For example, say you jet off to Paris this summer. With a foreign currency card, you can shop in Euros without worrying about conversion fees.

By contrast, you'll usually have to pay a foreign transaction fee on every purchase you make with a credit card.

2. Lower ATM withdrawal charges

Forex cards have lower ATM withdrawal charges internationally than credit cards. Allowing you to save on bank fees and spend more on travel.

3. Secure your travel costs

The South African Rand is especially vulnerable to currency fluctuations. But by saving your money in a foreign denominated currency account, you can make the most of currency movements and secure your travel costs.

4. Avoid dynamic currency conversion

Although you can use a credit card to make point-of-sale purchases in a foreign country using your home currency, it often comes at an uncompetitive exchange rate, making the transaction more expensive for tourists. This conversion is known as dynamic currency conversion. A forex card helps you to avoid dynamic currency conversions, helping you save more.

Rather pay in the local currency with your forex card and avoid the trappings of dynamic currency conversion.

5. Visit multiple countries with only one card

Planning on travelling to many countries? A multicurrency forex card lets you pay and transact in many different currencies, making international travel seamless and more affordable.

It's still a good idea to have a credit card as a backup in case of an emergency. Especially if you take advantage of Discovery Bank's Dynamic Interest Rates and pay up to 6.75% less on your borrowing rate.

For more information on foreign currency accounts   see the Discovery Bank Forex Accounts section on Info and tips.
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Plus, you can:

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  • Pay zero fees when moving money between your foreign currency accounts.
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There's no minimum balance, so anyone over 18 years old with a Discovery Bank Transaction Account, Card Account or Suite can add any of our forex accounts to their banking portfolio in minutes.

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This article is meant only as information and should not be taken as financial advice. For tailored advice, please contact your financial adviser.

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