Now is a great time to boost your financial knowledge and save big!


Discovery Bank and financial education partner, Worth, bring you an exciting learning channel to improve your financial knowledge. Why not use this time to get practical tips for better financial control every day?

Time usually flies with pressing deadlines, family responsibilities and busy social lives, but the pace has probably slowed somewhat as we stay at home to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With some time to spare, why not learn new skills that can stay with you forever?

Working with money is an invaluable life skill

Our behaviour and choices can say much about our financial wellbeing. Yet, few of us ever received any formal education about how to work well with money. And, as research by Discovery Bank shows, the size of your paycheck doesn’t automatically mean you’re better off.

The fact is, we all have to learn how to work with money and then put in the effort to make it stick. How we budget, what we spend and save, how much we invest in insurance, and how much we pay towards property and retirement. It all affects our financial health.

But how can we know what to do, if we don’t know what we’re doing wrong? It starts with learning and knowing how to make our finances work.

Make some learning time and have a complete money makeover

Key to the Discovery Bank behaviour-change programme, Vitality Money, is to help our clients understand their financial behaviour. Then, to encourage change that leads to rewards and overall financial wellbeing. Learning and financial education are important building blocks to making these improvements for better money management.

And because there’s power in knowledge and we want our clients to be as empowered as possible, Discovery Bank has partnered with Worth. A financial education provider, Worth shares our values about the importance of financial education. Worth offers a range of practical personal-finance courses for individuals and couples. These courses are all online based and Discovery Bank clients can sign up through the Discovery Bank app at a fraction of the usual price.

Sign up today for only R399 

Normally R4 990, the Wealthy Me™ or Wealthy Couples™ courses will only cost Discovery Bank clients R399 each when signing up through the Discovery Bank app.

It’s easy to sign up and save. In the banking app:

  • Go to Vitality Money and tap on Vitality Money status.
  • Tap on Money tools.
  • Tap Worth financial education.
  • Read and tick the terms and conditions.
  • Tap Activate now.
  • Choose the account to pay the R399 and tap Next.
  • Confirm the details and tap Pay.

Now you’re ready to learn more about money management for greater financial wellbeing.

A Worth consultant will assist you with registration and will be available throughout your studies in case you need any help. For more information on the courses on offer, you can visit the Worth website.

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Are you looking to upgrade your bank and join Discovery Bank, the bank that rewards you for managing your money well? Or are your already a happy Discovery Bank client looking to upgrade your accounts for even better rewards? Either way, take a look at our wide range of banking products with personalised features and exclusive benefits designed with you in mind and find the one that is right for you.

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