Home monitoring for at-risk qualifying members

Our pharmacy partner is working hard to get your oximeter to you in the next few days. Please contact your doctor if you experience worsening of symptoms. Learn more about your cover for COVID-19 here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you did not receive a direct communication from the Discovery Health Medical Scheme confirming that you qualify for this benefit and you proceed with ordering a device via this channel, the order will be cancelled.

We reached out to you because you may have a higher risk of developing complications from COVID-19

We have communicated to you because you meet the qualifying clinical entry criteria and have cover for a home pulse oximeter device, through our network provider. You are also covered for consultations with a Discovery wellness specialist, or network GP if referred, to track and monitor your oxygen-saturation levels. We pay for one pulse oximeter device per family from the WHO Global Outbreak Benefit.

A pulse oximeter is a small device that measures how much oxygen there is in your blood. Knowing your base oxygen level and being able to detect changes at home is specifically helpful for people with chronic conditions.


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