4 ways to be healthier if you have a chronic condition


While COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines, it's as important as ever to take care of yourself and your chronic conditions. Here are four ways and some online tools to help keep you as healthy as possible.

If you manage your chronic condition well, you might not feel that you 'suffer' from a condition. Even so, having a chronic condition means that you have to take steps to protect your health, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Manage your health plan and understanding your cover and benefits

When you live with a chronic condition, you should speak to your treating doctor about what you should do to manage your chronic condition. It can also be useful to do some research so you can understand more about your chronic condition and how to manage it effectively.

You also need to know that having a chronic condition can increase your risk of becoming seriously ill if you get COVID-19. You can find out more about COVID-19 on the Discovery COVID-19 information hub.

Manage your health plan online and learn more about your benefits and how you are covered for your condition on our website or the Discovery app. Understand and track your available benefits here.

You can get instant answers to any questions about your health plan or benefits by logging in to the Discovery website and selecting Ask Discovery on the bottom-right of your screen or navigate to Get Help for instant answers to your questions.

You can also Ask Discovery on WhatsApp. Just save 0860 75 67 56 to your phone, WhatsApp "Hi Discovery" to this number, and ask your question. Our service agents are also available during office hours to help you on any of these digital channels.


2. Make sure you have your medicine and take it on time

Part of having a chronic condition is taking your medicine. You have to keep taking your medicine the way your doctor prescribed it to stay as healthy as possible.

You have access to MedXpress, an online medicine ordering service, available through the Discovery website or the Discovery app. This service allows you to order your chronic medicine and have it delivered to your door at no extra cost. It allows you to stay at home and still have access to your chronic medicine when you need it.

Keep track of your medicine with Medicine Tracker on the Discovery app. This medicine reminder service allows you to set up reminders and prompts to say on track with taking and refilling your prescription. Download the Discovery app to get started.


3. Keep consulting your treating doctor online

While COVID-19 can make it tricky to visit a doctor in person, it's still important to regularly speak to your doctor about managing your chronic condition. You can do this over the telephone or using a video-call consultation.

Any member who is registered on the Chronic Illness Benefit (CIB) has access to one Virtual house call from a Discovery network GP every year. The consultation can take place telephonically or via our virtual consultation platform.

You can use find a healthcare provider on our website to search for a doctor or a pharmacy clinic in our network where you can have your virtual consultation. You can book an online consultation with your doctor through the Discovery website or app.

Before you book an online consultation with your doctor, make sure you have given your doctor consent to access your electronic health record.

Make sure you regularly connect with your doctor to stay healthy and best manage your condition during this time.


4. Get rewarded for managing your health using the Discovery app

A healthy lifestyle might not be able to cure a chronic condition, but it can make managing one easier and help you feel better. Make a point of eating healthy food and staying active.

Members with specific chronic conditions can set health goals on the Discovery app, and be rewarded for achieving these personalised health targets. The Health Check module includes a clinical checklist of preventive screenings and assessments based on your age, sex and your unique health profile. We encourage you to complete the questions.

We do more than support you in managing your chronic condition. Start earning a range of exciting rewards from coffees and smoothies to Netflix, DSTV BoxOffice and online shopping for simply getting active, achieving your health goals and tracking and collecting your medicine.

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