Ready for the healthiest start to your year yet?


Will this be your healthiest year yet? Yes! Diarise our handy calendar of health checks for you and your family. Get them done at the start of the year, earn thousands of Vitality points and understand exactly where to focus your efforts for 2019.

Would you jump at the chance for a detailed glimpse into your future? Screening tests offer just such an opportunity.

They identify future chronic conditions early on, giving you a chance to nip symptoms in the bud. Many of the illnesses that the health checks listed below are designed to detect, are diseases of poor lifestyle - unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, smoking, high alcohol intake and more. These habits result in illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity and so on – mostly preventable and manageable through simple, healthy lifestyle habit tweaks. Diaries out?

Another year younger? Know your Vitality Age

Earn: 2500 Vitality points
What’s this all about? Your Vitality Age tells you how healthy you are relative to your actual age. This online assessment measures various aspects of your wellness. Completing it gives you up to 15% cash back on activated HealthyFood, HealthyCare and HealthyGear benefits.

Jumping into January 2019: My Vitality Health Check

Earn: Up to 22 500 Vitality points.
What’s this all about? Know your risk of chronic illness with the Vitality Health Check, which tests the following five measures to determine your risk for conditions like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Blood glucose
  3. Total  cholesterol
  4. A body weight assessment
  5. Your smoker status

The results for each Vitality Health Check measure are categorised as ‘in-range’, ‘intermediate risk’ or ‘high risk’. You earn Vitality points based on how many of your results are in range and how many of them are high-risk. Complete your Vitality Health Check at an accredited Vitality Wellness Centre, pharmacy in the Vitality Wellness Network, at a Discovery Wellness Day or at your nearest Discovery Store. And, doing your Vitality Health Check gives you up to 25% cash back on your activated HealthyFood and HealthyCare benefits.

Fitter February 2019: My Vitality Fitness Assessment

Earn: 2500 Vitality points - and up to an additional 5000 Vitality points depending on your fitness level.

What’s this all about? The Vitality Fitness Assessment measures your cardio-vascular fitness and strength and flexibility, showing you what to focus on to get fitter and stronger. Book an appointment with a biokineticist in the Vitality Wellness Network, at a Vitality Wellness Centre or at your nearest Discovery Store. And, doing your Vitality Fitness Assessment gives you up to 25% cash back on your activated HealthyGear benefit.

Feminine February: Girls – these tests are for you!

Contact your healthcare professional to have these tests done. Find out how your medical scheme covers the health tests listed below, here.

  • My mammogram - early breast cancer detection
    Earn: If you’re 40 and over you can get 2 500 Vitality points for having a mammogram done.
    What’s this all about? Screening *mammograms usually involve x-rays of each breast, making it possible to pick up on tumours you may not be able to feel, and diagnose breast cancer.

    You can use the MyBreastCancerRisk Calculator to estimate your risk of your developing breast cancer and the MyFamilyHistory tool to determine your risk of developing various health conditions. Both unlock additional screening benefits where clinically appropriate. Remember to regularly check your own breasts and your skin for any abnormal lumps and bumps. 
  • My Pap smear – arming you against cervical cancer
    Earn: 2500 Vitality points
    What’s this all about? Regular *pap smears are incredibly important and can detect precancerous cells that, if left untreated, could lead to cervical cancer.

*Visit a healthcare provider for a Pap smear once every three years and for a Mammogram once every two years. You will earn the points in the year of the screening, and in the next year/s.

Manly March: Guys – this one’s for you
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test

What’s this all about? A PSA test is recommended for men over 50 to screening for early-stage prostate cancer. Find out how your medical scheme covers this health test here.

My March 2019: Complete my 2019 Health Checks

Contact your healthcare professional to have the following tests done at their offices and find out more about how your medical scheme covers the health checks listed below, here.

  • Voluntary HIV screening test
    Earn: Earn 5 000 points - you can ask for this test to happen on the day of your Vitality Health Check.
    What’s this all about? An HIV test is used to diagnose infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.
  • Dental Health Check
    Earn: 1000 Vitality points
    What’s this all about? A dental check-up ensures ongoing good oral health.
  • Glaucoma screening
    Earn: 2500 Vitality points
    What’s this all about? Glaucoma can cause blindness. Screening tests are recommended for people over 60.
My March 2019: Make time for my health boosters
  • Have my flu vaccination (and pneumococcal vaccination for over-65s)
    Earn: If you’re aged between 6 months and 60 years, earn 1000 Vitality points. If you’re over 60, you earn 2000 Vitality points.
    What’s this all about? Between March and September every year, get added protection against common strains of flu-causing viruses. Visit the Vitality Wellness Network to have your vaccinations done. If you’re over 65 you can also have a once-off pneumococcal vaccination (reduce the risk of pneumonia) and earn 1000 Vitality points.
  • Visit my dietitian
    Earn: 1000 Vitality points
    What’s this all about? Find a dietitian online here and access a personalised nutrition plan.
  • You can read more on all the tests listed above, here.
My family’s diary – January to April

The following health checks are designed to nurtures healthy families. Find out more about tests developed for Vitality Families, here.

  • Childhood vaccinations
    Earn: Kids under 2 years of age earn 500 points per vaccination, and kids aged 4 to 7 earn 1000 points for vaccinations done before they start school.
    What’s this all about? Read up on childhood vaccinations here, covering children from new-borns all the way to seven years of age.
  • Kids Vitality Health Check
    Earn: 500 Vitality points
    What’s this all about? Book an annual Kids Vitality Health Check at a Vitality Wellness Network pharmacy, and determine your child’s overall health through a look at their eating habits, how active they are, their weight and more. We provide a personalised report and helpful strategies to keep the whole family’s health in check.
  • Kids Vitality Health Review
    Earn: 500 Vitality points
    What’s this all about? This is an assessment of your child's general health and identifies areas you have to be aware of for a healthy lifestyle. It is for children older than two and younger than 18.
  • Kids Dental Health Check
    Earn: 1000 Vitality points
    What’s this all about? Arrange for your child’s check-up at your dentist.
  • Kids optometry screening
    Earn: 1000 Vitality points
    What’s this all about? Children between the ages of three and five can earn 1 000 Vitality points per child for a preventative optometry screening.

Here’s to your healthiest year yet!
Use your diary as a powerful tool to set your intentions for health and wellness all year round! Ditch New Year’s resolutions that are unrealistic and that lack a concrete plan and follow our health check diary to a better you in 2019.

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Also, you can find out if you have a family history that suggests you may have a higher than average chance of developing certain health conditions using the MyFamilyHistory assessment.

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