Less admin and more family time this holiday season with our digital services


We know personal admin and taking care of your health doesn't keep call centre office hours. We let you connect with us whenever and wherever it suits you by using your smart device and the Discovery app or Ask Discovery on WhatsApp. We can even go with you on holiday without adding to your packing.

Access everything you need on the go

Let's take Bandile as an example of how convenient our services are.

Bandile has mostly only been at home to surf out the waves of the COVID-19 infection. He's had his first COVID-19 jab, but had to wait a little for the second one as he caught a stomach bug and had to wait to be well before getting the second shot.

As soon as he feels healthy again, he books his next appointment at a Discovery vaccination site in Johannesburg using the Vaccination Navigator on the Discovery Connected Care platform. It's a separate platform, but has integration for Bandile to use the same username as password that he uses to access the Discovery website. All the talk about waves puts him in the mood for some sea waves. Since he'll be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 two weeks after his second shot, he plans to visit some family in Cape Town for the festive season.

Seeing his family for the first time in two years is an absolute treat. The only snag is that Bandile has a stomach ache. He's not sure if it's all the holiday eating or related to his stomach bug, so he uses the Discovery app to have a quick and easy online consultation with his GP from home. His GP prescribes antacids and slowing down on festive foods. If the problem continues, it might be best to see a GP in person.

It doesn't matter that Bandile doesn't know doctors in Cape Town. If he needs to see a doctor, once registered he adds 0860 756 756 to his contacts and sends a message to Ask Discovery on WhatsApp to find a network doctor close to him. He can also give them permission to view his health history so they can offer him the best care.

The antacids take care of the stomach ache, so he doesn't have to look for a local GP. He doesn't even have to look for a local pharmacy when it's time to refill his chronic medicine. With MedXpress on the app, he can just ask for his medicine to be delivered to his family's home in Cape Town for the festive season.

This gives him plenty of time to get festive with his family and catch some waves. Our digital services are there if you need them, so you can relax when you're away from home.

Services that are as mobile as you are

Ask Discovery on WhatsApp
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  • Find all your important medical documents like your medical tax certificate.
  • Get more information on your plan type and the benefits it offers.
  • View and track your claims
  • Find a doctor in your area.
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