How our business works

Discovery’s core purpose is to make people healthier and enhance and protect their lives. We make people healthier by making them aware of their health risk factors and helping them to manage and improve their health. Through Vitality in South Africa, the UK and China, as well as The Vitality Group and HumanaVitality in the USA, we give people the tools to become healthier, and reward them for adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Through Discovery Health in South Africa, PruHealth in the UK and our joint venture with Ping An Health in China, we aim to protect people’s health by providing comprehensive medical cover when they are sick. Protecting lives is about giving people the peace of mind that they will be protected should a life-changing event occur. It also means protecting people’s financial security.

Through Discovery Life in South Africa and PruProtect in the UK, we offer flexible and relevant pure-risk protection products. Discovery Invest in South Africa offers value-adding solutions that help people build wealth and provide protection against poor investment choices. We safeguard people’s assets in South Africa through our short-term insurance subsidiary Discovery Insure, and we make people better drivers through our incentive-based driver programme, Vitalitydrive.

Enhancing lives is about creating value for people. The Discovery Card, which offers integration opportunities between Discovery products, provides a mechanism to further incentivise better health.

Our business model

Our business model ensures we create value for our clients by delivering positive structural change to the markets and industries in which we operate. Over the past 20 years we have developed strategic excellence in the following areas:

Innovation and financial prudence

We use innovation to disrupt markets and create value. Central to our business model is the ability to combine and balance innovation with financial prudence and a focus on meeting our clients’ needs.


Our best-of-breed products and services enable us to use the principle of integration to create efficiency and long-term value. Our product offerings integrate seamlessly through the Vitality programme and Discovery Card to enhance value for our clients.


Our philosophy is to contribute to a healthier society by giving people access to healthcare and encouraging healthy behaviour and lifestyles. Across our product offerings, we provide consumers with the tools and incentives to become healthier through Vitality. Vitality has been scientifically proven to improve health outcomes and lower healthcare expenses.

Consumer engagement

A focus on consumers and their needs forms the basis of our approach. Our client-centric approach aims to create products which fully engage our clients, bring positive change in their behaviour and offer them real value.

Incentive-based insurance

Incentive-based insurance applies the principles of behavioural economics to insurance. Through a combination of financial incentives and increased client knowledge, an incentive-based insurance model structurally reduces the cost of insurance and significantly improves the value our clients receive.

A social force for good

We are committed to making a difference in the broader community, by strengthening the healthcare system and expanding access to care. We do this through investing in projects focusing on building capacity in the healthcare system, sponsorships that promote wellness and health, and key partnerships to increase access to wellness.

Discovery in the community

We work every day to strengthen the healthcare system in South Africa and to expand access to care for all South Africans. Read about our numerous projects and initiatives to make people in the broader community healthier.

Discovery on sustainability

We operate in a complex environment where a range of social, environmental and economic issues may impact on Discovery, and where we in turn may impact on these issues. Read about our approach to sustainable development as it relates to our business and the environment in which we operate.