Shared value and sustainable development

How shared value contributes to a sustainable business that benefits Discovery, our clients, our partners and society


A member and her family join one of our Shared-Value offers.


She learns how our innovative products help to meet her and her family's needs...

3 well as all the incentives and rewards.


The member and her family switch to safer and healthier behaviours to enjoy more rewards...


Fewer claims lead to insurer savings, which allows for more investment in innovation and better products as well as lower premiums, benefitting all members.

The healthier and safer a client's behaviour is, the more savings and even better the rewards...


Healthier citizens translate into a host of benefits for society:

Improved wellbeing of citizens

More productive workforces

Longer life expectancy

Less disease

Greater economic output

Lower healthcare burden for government

Safer roads

Healthier pension funds

Better savings culture

Discovery’s social impact then increases with each life and its community that we add globally, which is sustainable shared value in action.

Operationalised through Vitality, Discovery’s Shared-Value business model not only creates a virtuous cycle of value-creation, it depends on it for its own sustainability. The value that is created and subsequently shared is not confined to the insurance environment. The network of reward and retail partners is critical to the success of the model, and these partners share in value creation through increased revenue, improved customer loyalty and exposure to a broader customer base.

We share the intellectual property of shared value with our international insurance partners through the actuarial insights based on more than a decade of data and analysis, ongoing product design and customisation to local markets, long-standing relationships with reward partners, and the Vitality platform that enables behavioural-based incentives that drive healthy lifestyles.

Framing insurance in the shared-value construct transforms a traditional grudge purchase into a driving force for social change.

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