12 ways your kids can earn Vitality points


It's Youth Month and time to get your kids on their feet! From health checks to parkruns - there are loads of ways for kids to be active, stay healthy and do their bit in getting your family to Gold Vitality status this year.

Did you know that on average, South African children watch 3 hours of TV a day, with significant numbers watching 5 hours a day? Most also eat less than 1 portion of fruit or vegetables a day, although the recommended amount is 5. This is according to the 2016 HAKSA Report Card, which examines the health status of South African children and youth.

Unhealthy habits are robbing kids of reaching their potential

On a global scale, less than 20% of children and youth meet recommendations for physical activity. This research highlights worrying trends that rob kids of reaching their full potential. For the most part, healthy kids make for happy kids. Establishing good behaviours in your children when they're young means they're much more likely to stick with these attitudes and habits for life.

With this in mind, and in celebration of Youth Month, we're encouraging families to help kids look after their bodies, stay active, and earn those Vitality points! Here's more information on benefits and rewards for kids and teens, and below is a handy summary of ways kids can earn you Vitality points:

Ways to earn
Points you can earn
How it works
500 points

Take your kids for a Kids Vitality Health Check, an assessment which identifies any potential developmental issues your child may face.

500 points

Complete an online Kids Vitality Health Review on behalf of your child (younger than 18 years).

1 000 points

Kids aged three to five can go for one optometry preventative screening. Certain costs may apply and you will only earn the points once.

1 000 points

Each child (older than two and younger than 18 years) can go for a dental health check every year.

up to 100 points per gym visit

Kids 12 years and older can earn points for gym and up to 20 000 fitness points in total a year.

up to 300 points

Kids six years and older can complete a parkrun to earn points. Make sure their parkrun profiles are linked to your Vitality membership.

up to 3 000 points

Kids six years and older can complete a timed and verified race event or a Discovery-sponsored event. Events may have their own age restrictions so check them out before your kids enter.

500 points

Get Vitality points every time you take your baby or toddler up to the age of two for their vaccinations.

1 000 points

Protect your kids between the ages of four and seven by taking them for their childhood vaccinations.

Flu vaccinations

1 000 points

Each child (6 months and older) can go for a flu vaccination once a year during March and September.

HPV vaccination

1 000 points

Male and female preteens to young adults (aged nine to 25) can go for a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination to reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Up to 2 500 points per child, per year
All Vitality Kids between six and 18 years old can sign up for a Bronze EyeGym course. Your child will earn the following points for using EyeGym:
  • 100 Vitality points for completing a 60 minute session
  • 1 400 Vitality points for completing a 150 minute session

Have you found out your Vitality Age?

Your Vitality Age is a measure of how healthy you are relative to your actual age.
It measures all aspects of your wellness like exercise, nutrition and stress. Plus, completing the assessment can earn you 2 500 Vitality points!

By finding out your Vitality Age and doing a Vitality Health Check you will increase your cash back on HealthyFood at Pick n Pay or Woolworths and HealthyCare at Clicks or Dis-Chem. Find out today.

Balls and bats, bands and mats – get brand new sports gear for less!

Whatever equipment you need to jazz up your training routine, spend less on it with Vitality HealthyGear. This benefit offers up to 25% cash back on a wide range of sportswear and equipment at Sportsmans Warehouse or Totalsports. Activate your HealthyGear benefit, or increase your cash back by doing a Vitality Fitness Assessment.

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