Vitality cash back puts Thathane family on a health high


Health and fitness takes pride of place in the Thathane household. And, their healthy choices are not only rewarding them with energy and longevity, they're also earning significant cash back every month with Discovery Vitality giving them access to health, fitness and travel lifestyle rewards they enjoy as a family!

"When you look good, you feel good," says Bulelwa Thathane. "People who meet me think I am much younger than I am."

Bulelwa has been married to Tseleng for 12 years. They have a six year old son, Mosa. Tseleng gives Bulelwa full credit for the health they all enjoy. "My wife is the driving force, the one who motivates us all to exercise and the one making the most of the significant rewards we have earned through Vitality this year." Discovery Vitality has paid more than R8 000 in cash back to the Thathanes so far for 2017.

Bulelwa and Tseleng both have fitness trackers; hers an Apple Watch she received by activating the Apple Watch benefit through Vitality Active Rewards and Discovery Card. "Prior to joining Vitality, my weight would fluctuate as I was exercising on and off. My Apple Watch is a great motivator, especially on days when I don't feel like exercising. I reach my weekly Vitality Active Rewards every month, so the Apple Watch has cost me nothing."

Bulelwa recently resigned from a career in public relations management to spend time being more hands-on at home and chasing her new passion: photography. "I try to exercise daily, whether at the Virgin Active where I use the treadmill or elliptical trainer, or at home." Bulelwa's weight fluctuated after she gave birth to Mosa, motivating her to take control of her health. "Now, when my son has swimming class, I am watching him from the treadmill, making that time work for me."

Tseleng, a senior manager with a corporate group, makes time to join Bulelwa for an exercise session in the evenings. They earn their individual Vitality Active Rewards and, along with two of Bulelwa's former colleagues earn weekly team rewards too.

Bulelwa describes Tseleng as a workaholic. "Yet, healthy living has brought balance to my busy and unpredictable days," says Tseleng. "I am simply less stressed." Mosa's healthy parents have rubbed off on their son. "Like us, he wants to live a healthy lifestyle. He has a set of baby dumbbells and knows that having a big belly is very unhealthy for a man and tells us he will never have one," says Tseleng. "He doesn't enjoy too much sugar. Bulelwa ensures that he has healthy food at home and at school, with unhealthy foods in moderation."

Lovin' the healthy life: Tseleng and Bulelwa Thathane and their son Mosa's healthy choices are paying off - they enjoy significant Discovery Vitality lifestyle cash back rewards, paid directly into their bank account, every month.

The Thathanes have bought their training shoes using their Shoe Booster and HealthyGear benefits, use their HealthyCare benefit at Dischem and shop at Woolworths and Pick n Pay to make the most of their HealthyFood cash-back. They also recently joined Team Vitality. "The credit from Discovery Vitality on your bank statement is a great motivator. Our eating habits changed as we took a closer look at our shopping basket to ensure we were eating and snacking healthily. All three of us are sick a lot less while others succumb to winter colds and flus. This lifestyle pays you back with a happy body, mind and wallet."

Having taken advantage of flight and accommodation discounts linked to their Discovery Credit Card and their Diamond Vitality status the Thathane family recently stayed at Cape Town's luxurious One and Only Hotel for 35% less than what it would have cost them without their Vitality benefits - with an extra 5% discount linked to their Discovery Credit Card. "When you see what it normally costs to stay there, you will faint - and we would not be willing to pay the full price," says Bulelwa. "We travel whenever we feel like it, not only during off-peak seasons. Our extended family cannot believe we're able to take the holidays we do. Others often ask us why we are so motivated to eat healthy food and exercise. We tell them that we see great savings through Vitality."


Get active, get healthy and get rewarded

Motivated by the Thathanes to be more active and healthy? Visit Vitality's rewards partners page to see all the rewards you could be earning with Vitality.

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