Clients receive help after recent Western Cape disasters


A fire or a storm has devastating effects on one’s life, causing damage to personal property and causing loss of valuable belongings. Another effect is emotional trauma.

As a client you expect your insurer to make sure they quickly put you back in the position you were in before the fire or storm. After the storm and fires that ravaged the Western Cape recently, clients immediately received help from us, as their insurer, in several ways.

Clients and financial advisers received immediate communications

All clients in the Cape Town area received a customised SMS from us to warn them of the approaching storms. Within 24 hours all clients in Knysna and the surrounding areas, as well as their financial advisers, received a phone call from us to assess their situation and to log claims for clients. On the day of the incident, our specialist assessing teams went to all affected areas.

Quick claim resolutions for clients

Clients with motor and non-motor storm/fire claims received help from a claims team dedicated to deal exclusively with these claims. The first client’s total loss claim received full settlement in 60 hours. And 96% of all clients’ fire claims received assessment within 72 hours.

Affected clients received support in various ways

All affected clients and their families received trauma counselling. Half of all affected clients had direct contact with our executives, and support to deal with their special needs. 

If you need help with your claim, email us at - or call us on 0860 751 751, or contact your financial adviser.

Take precautions

Please take some precautions to protect your property and valuables against this kind of devastation. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure to keep your building sum insured up to date and that it takes into account rebuilding costs, demolition costs, and professional fees (but excludes the value of the land).
  • As you buy more assets, update the insurance for your household contents at their replacement values.
  • Back up your data, including things like photographs, and keep them in the cloud or in a backup outside your home.
  • Use the Online Vault to keep your valuation certificates and proof of valuable items.

*The statistics found in this research show results for past and current trends, for the period Jan to June 2017, only. All results found in this research do not represent future trends.

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