Manage your Discovery Card anytime, anywhere

Manage your Discovery Card account

  • Apply for an additional credit card on your account.
  • Shift your total credit between your straight and budget facility.
  • Manage how you get your monthly statements and communication.
  • Update your personal details.
  • View your debit order details and amounts you need to pay on your card.

Manage your Discovery Card

  • Protect your account from unauthorised use when you shop online.
  • View or change your PIN for your credit card.

Manage your account with online banking

  • Making payments is easy with internet banking and your Discovery Card. You can make once-off payments or regular payments, by saving the banking details of frequent recipients. You also have immediate access to
  • Make transfers to other FNB accounts.
  • Change your daily ATM limits.

Settle your monthly bill

  • With a direct debit order, your chosen bank account is debited automatically every month, and your Discovery Card account is credited.
  • Change a direct debit order.
  • Choose from monthly payment options.


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