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Add or change your debit orders, or choose a payment option that suits you.

With a direct debit order, your chosen bank account is debited automatically every month, and your Discovery Card account is credited. You can choose the credit card payment amount option that is right for you, whether you want to pay the minimum, full, fixed, statement, straight or a percentage amount.

If you want to change your debit order, download the direct debit order form, complete it and fax it to 011 539 2273.

Download the Direct debit order authority request form or call 0860 11 2273 for assistance.

With Discovery Card, you will get a variety of payment types to suit your needs:

The minimum payment

The minimum payment will be 5% of the outstanding balance or R50, whichever is greater, plus the installment on your budget facility.

Full payment

A full payment is when you pay the full outstanding balance every month.

Fixed payment

A fixed payment is when you pay a specific amount (for example, R200 into your Discovery Card account every month). It must be more than or equal to your minimum amount due.

Statement amount

A statement amount is the full balance as on your last statement. This excludes payments you have made since the last statement date.

Straight amount

A straight amount is the full outstanding amount on your straight facility.

Percentage amount

A percentage amount is a percentage of the full outstanding amount on your straight facility.

Pay an additional amount

If you want to prevent a debit order from going through by paying an additional amount, you should wait until after you get your statement.

Your statement for your credit card will show the total amount owing and your minimum payment due. To prevent the next debit order from going through, make sure that the additional amount you pay is equal to or more than the minimum payment amount due.

If the amount you pay is less than the debit order amount due, the difference between them will still be deducted and go off as a debit order on your chosen payment date.
Please note that the above is not applicable to the fixed payment debit order option. If your debit is a fixed debit order for a set amount each month, it will always run on your chosen date regardless of additional payments made into your credit card account.

To pay an additional amount on your credit card, you can make an internet transfer or a direct deposit.

If you are a registered internet banking user, you can simply add your Discovery Card as a beneficiary (contact). You can then transfer the amount electronically every month. It can take up to four days for the internet payment to show on your credit card.

Click here for more information on how to create Discovery Card as a beneficiary on your internet account. Please note that the banks can change their process without notifying Discovery Card.

You can deposit the required amount (excluding cheques) into your credit card account at any First National Bank branch. Please complete the deposit slip. Make sure that you fill in your 16-digit Discovery Card number in the account field on the deposit slip.

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