100% return*

The Discovery Capital 200+ is designed to give you a 100% return on your investment before the deduction of fees* at the end of five years, if US and European equity markets go up by as little as 1% over the next five years. The Capital 200+ is a five-year product based on a global portfolio comprising of the Eurostoxx 50 and S&P 500 indices.

Unlimited upside potential

If at the end of the five-year term the global portfolio provides a higher value than double the initial unit price* invested, you will receive the full upside return above that level.

Conditional downside protection

If the global portfolio provides a negative return at the end of five years, you will receive 100% capital protection* for falls in the global portfolio of up to 40%**. The capital protection does not apply in cases of falls in the global portfolio of more than 40%** and only applies at the end of the five-year term.

*The 100% return and conditional downside protection are before the deduction of any Discovery administration fees, initial and ongoing financial adviser fees, withdrawal fees and taxes, where applicable.

**Figures are indicative. Final terms are subject to market conditions at date of trade. Investors are also subject to any default risk or restructure of BNP Paribas. For more information, please see the fund fact sheet.


Important information

  • The Discovery Capital 200+ (September 2017) is a five-year product and is available as a limited offer on the Discovery lump-sum Core Flexible Investment Plan.
  • This offer will expire when the limited investment capacity runs out, but not later than 22 September 2017. The date of trade is 29 September 2017.
  • There are no ongoing fund management fees. However, the administration fees for the lump-sum Discovery Core Flexible Investment Plan and financial adviser fees will apply. These fees will reduce the final return received.
  • The return of the Discovery Capital 200+ (September 2017) Fund is considered capital under current tax practice.

To invest in this product, speak to your financial adviser or leave your details below.

Terms and conditions apply. Valid from 11 August – 22 September 2017.

Nothing contained herein should be construed as financial advice and is meant for information purposes only.

Discovery Life Investment Services (Pty) Ltd branded as Discovery Invest is an authorised financial services provider. Registration number 2007/005969/07.

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