Procedure Information Library

We're committed to providing our members with access to the best of care in as many ways as possible. We believe it's important for our members to be better informed and to participate as partners in their own healthcare. That's why we're pleased to bring you a library of procedure and treatment information guides.

Being told you need to have surgery can make a person feel anxious. You may have trouble understanding what your doctor is telling you because there is a lot of technical detail and there is too much to take in all at once.

These guides give you more information about medical procedures and treatment and what you can expect when you go to hospital for one of them. They give you the true facts so you know exactly what to expect. You can read these in your own time to be fully informed and prepared for the surgery. You can either find a procedure by clicking on one of the categories below or by searching for it.

Anaesthetic and pain management Breast conditions and treatment Colon and rectum conditions and treatment (Colorectal) Dentistry
Emergency Ear, nose and throat procedures Gastrointestinal and upper respiratory endoscopes and procedures General surgery
Heart and lung / lung conditions and treatment (Cardiothoracic) Heart conditions and treatment Laparoscopy Maxillo-facial and oral surgery
Neurosurgery (treatment of disorders of the nervous system) Obstetrics and gynaecology Ophthalmology (eye surgery) Orthopaedic surgery and treatment
Paediatric Radiology-guided treatment and procedures Transplant procedures and related treatments Upper gastrointestinal conditions and treatment
Urological conditions and treatments Vascular (treatment and conditions related to the blood supply)  
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