South Africa has remarkable potential – Adrian Gore’s address at the 2016 Discovery Leadership Summit

Discovery Founder and Chief Executive, Adrian Gore opened this year’s Leadership Summit with an inspiring address. He explained how the challenges we face today are not about scarcity and physical threats; but about abundance, and threats of systemic failure. To overcome these challenges, we need to evolve beyond our innate tendency as humans to seek out negative signals, and resist the primitive urges which helped us survive thousands of years ago.  

“While we are optimism-biased about our own personal situation, believing our best days lie ahead; we universally suffer from what is called ‘declinism’ - we think our world is on an irreversible downhill trajectory. But this is not true. There is enormous progress to be celebrated. We face very real issues in South Africa, but if we are to solve them we cannot pay attention solely to the negatives, we have to seek out the positives as well.” 

Watch the video below.


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