Ask Discovery Card frequently asked questions

Card Activation

Who do I call to activate my new Discovery Card?

You can call 0860 11 2273 to activate your Discovery Card and also for all future queries.

Can I activate my Discovery Card - Discovery’s credit card -online?

You are able to activate your new or replacement Discovery Card’s by logging onto the Discovery website ( and following the below steps:

  • From the landing page, select “Card”.
  • Then select the "Activate card" button. The system will trigger a one-time PIN (OTP) process, which you will need to enter and then click submit.

  • Once the OTP has been submitted, you must accept the terms and conditions disclaimer and click on the "activate" button.
  • You will be asked if you want to activate Online Secure, by choosing "yes" or "no".

Cash back

What is Discovery Card cash back?

Discovery Card rewards you with cash back in your Discovery Card for swiping in our store network. You also get cash back at our travel partners. All of this allows you to earn savings on your Discovery Card on a monthly basis.

How can I link my Discovery Card to qualify for cash back?

Vitality members have the retail and holiday benefits linked automatically to their Discovery Card. Call us on 0860 99 88 77 for help with activation.

How do I qualify for cash back?

You need to be a Vitality member and a Discovery Card holder to qualify for cash back.

When and in which cities can I use Uber in South Africa?

You can use Uber all day, every day and all year round. Uber is available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

How can I get up to 40% off my trips when using Uber?

As a Discovery Card holder you can get up to 20% cash back per month up to a maximum of R200. Plus, if you are a Discovery Insure client with Vitalitydrive and you’re an existing Uber user you’ll receive 25% of your Uber trips, subject to a total discount of R250 per month. Combined, you can get up to 40% off.



Discovery Miles

What are Discovery Miles?

Discovery Miles is an e-currency earned by Discovery Card holders every time they make a qualifying transaction with their Discovery Card. Cardholders can earn one Discovery Mile for every R15 spent on the Discovery Card. The more the cardholder spends on their Discovery Card, the more Discovery Miles they will earn.

What can I do with Discovery Miles?
  • Shop for popular products at leading retailers through our online portal, discovery/mall, without leaving home.
  • Make real time purchases in store at select partner stores through the Discovery App. See how
  • Pay some, or all of your bookings with Vitality travel partners like
  • Convert Discovery Miles to Avios or Voyager Miles.
  • Pay for your travel using your Discovery Miles
How do I activate Discovery Miles?

Discovery Miles can be activated for a yearly linkage fee.

To activate Discovery Miles online, click here to log in and follow these steps:

  • On the drop down menu, select the Miles benefit that you need activated (Discovery Miles/Fast Miles).
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • The submit button will take you to a confirmation screen before the change is made.

Alternatively, call 0860 11 2273 and we will activate the benefit for you.

What is the Miles Multiplier?

With the Miles Multiplier benefit, you can multiply your Discovery Miles by up to 10 times when you pay using your DiscoveryCard at these select HealthyLiving partner stores: Pick n Pay; Clicks; Dis-Chem; Sportsmans Warehouse and Totalsports and when you pay for your fuel at participating BP service stations nationwide.

Your Miles Multiplier is based on your Vitality status. Discovery Miles monthly earning limits, terms and conditions apply.



Fees and interest rates

What determines my interest rate?

Your interest rate is determined by the product you have with Discovery Card. Please refer to your monthly Discovery Card statement for your current interest rate.

What are the fees for the Discovery Card?

Click here to view applicable fees. These are updated once a year.

When is interest charged on my account?

You must wait until your statement closes before making payment. If you do not pay the full outstanding amount on or before the due date shown on your monthly statement, you will be charged interest. The interest will be charged from the date of each transaction on your account, on both the balance reflected on your monthly statement and on any new purchases made on the card. You will lose the interest-free period on the new purchases.

How does the up to 55 days of interest-free credit work?

The interest-free period on the Discovery Card is up to 55 days. This is made up of a 30-day spend period and a 25-day payment period.



Get more value

What is the Discovery Protector and what does it cover?

In the event of your death, disability or severe illness, the Discovery Card Protector will pay the outstanding balance on your Discovery Card and cover your Discovery Card spend related to key living expenses. It is a monthly benefit paid out over a specific period upon life changing events. Food, clothing, transport, communication and credit card re-payments are covered by this benefit. You can activate this benefit if you call Discovery Life on 0860 00 54 33. Alternatively, speak to your financial adviser for assistance.


Health Wallet

What is the Health Wallet (HW)?

This is a separate savings facility on your Discovery Card. You can use it to help pay your day-to-day healthcare expenses when your Medical Savings Account runs out or when you are in a Self-payment Gap. You can re-direct your Discovery Card retail cash back, HealthyFood, and HealthyGear cash back to fund this facility.

What happens to my funds in my MSB if I choose to activate the Health Wallet?

Your funds available as on 31 December 2012 will be transferred into the Health Wallet.

What happens if I choose not to activate the Health Wallet?

Your HealthyLiving cash back will be paid into your Discovery Card account.



iStore interest free facility

What is the iStore 0% interest-free offer?

As a Discovery Card holder with Vitality, you can buy the latest Apple products interest free on iStore through discovery/mall. If you buy your items with your Discovery Card using the interest-free finance facility, you can get 12 months’ interest-free credit on the purchase, as long as you select the 0% interest offer indicator when you buy the items.

Where do I go to buy products using the 0% interest-free facility?

This facility is available through the online shopping portal discovery/mall.

Can I buy any Apple product using the 0% interest-free facility?

To qualify for the interest-free facility, you must buy items that cost between R1 000 and R25 000.


Online Secure

What is Online Secure?

Online Secure (previously known as Verified by Visa) is a unique service from Discovery Card that uses a one-time PIN (OTP) to protect cardholders against unauthorised use of their credit card. Once activated, the Discovery Card cannot be used for online purchases at participating merchants without their OTP.

How do I activate Online Secure on my Discovery Card?

If you are registered for InSync notifications, you do not have to activate Online Secure on your card – we will do this automatically. Each time you get a new, re-issue or replacement credit card, we will automatically activate Online Secure on your card. If you are not registered for InSync notifications and you want to activate Online Secure on your card, you must log in to your Discovery Card online banking profile and follow these steps:

  • Select the ’My Bank Accounts’ tab;
  • Select the ’My Cards’ sub-tab;
  • Click on ’Activate Now’.
How do I check if my Discovery Card has been activated for Online Secure?
  • Log in to your Discovery online banking profile and select the ‘My Bank Accounts’ tab;

  • Select the ‘My Cards’ sub-tab to check your card status;
  • ‘Activate Now’ means Online Secure has not been activated on your card and you can go ahead and activate it;
  • ‘Unblock Now’ means your card has been blocked;
  • ‘Update’ means Online Secure has been activated on your card and you can update your details.


Can I use my Discovery Card when I travel overseas?

Yes, you can use your Discovery Card at all Visa outlets worldwide. We would however advise you to contact us before leaving the country, so we can adjust your Discovery Card’s international limits.

Certain countries have set country code limits that reject foreign transactions. If you travel to these countries and have not contacted us to have your limits changed, your transactions may be rejected. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are over the limit, but rather that the codes are different for that country.

Please call us on 0860 11 22 73 before your trip to change your Discovery Card international limits.

What are travel rewards?

When you have book your holiday using your Discovery Card with one of our holiday partners, you will get cash back of up to 20% depending on your Vitality status and number of years on Vitality. We will pay this cash back into your Discovery Card. This cash back excludes airport taxes and any extras added to the holiday package.