SAA Voyager


You can convert your Discovery Miles into SAA Voyager Miles

Voyager is South African Airways rewards programme that uses Miles as its frequent flyer currency. With Discovery Card and SAA, you can convert your Discovery Miles to SAA Voyager Miles. You can use these Miles to pay for flights, car rental, leisure and lifestyle benefits.

Need to know

For every 1.2 Discovery Miles you get one Voyager Mile. Your Voyager Miles allow you to:

  • Book a reward flight to South African Airways worldwide destinations.
  • Treat yourself to a cabin upgrade, and travel in greater comfort and luxury.
  • Part cash, part Miles. If you don’t have enough Voyager Miles to redeem for a reward flight, you can pay with a combination of cash and Miles.
  • It may take up to 72 hours for the conversion to take place

Getting started

Only members of the SAA Voyager programme can convert Discovery Miles to Voyager Miles.

You can convert Miles any time but a minimum of 2 000 Miles per must be converted per conversion. Alternatively, you could set up an automatic monthly conversation whereby we would do the conversion for you. In this instance, you would need to convert a minimum of 1 000 Miles per month. You can also set your own monthly limit (as long as it is above 1 000 Miles). If there is a shortfall, this will roll over to the next month.

You can convert your Discovery Miles to Voyager Miles by calling Discovery Card on 0860 11 2273.