Choose your funds

Your financial adviser will take you through the processes of risk profiling and asset allocation and will clear up much of the uncertainty involved in fund selection. We’ll help by giving you choice, flexibility and a wide range of funds. We also provide the tools to help you and your financial adviser choose the ideal funds for you, as well as monitor it on an ongoing basis.

Meeting your investment needs

Introducing investment funds

Some investors may have the skills, time and confidence to pick their own stocks and shares for their portfolio. But for most people, investment funds – where an investment expert chooses which stocks and shares to invest in – are a more manageable and flexible way to benefit from the potential performance of markets around the world.

You should be aware that there are risks associated with investing in funds. The value of an investment is not guaranteed and can go up and down depending on market performance. Past performance should not be used as a guide to future performance. You could get back less than you paid in.

What you need to think about when choosing a fund

We want to make investing in funds unintimidating, because it can feel overwhelming. There are a few things you should think about when selecting investment funds:

  • Risk profiling
    One of the most important considerations with any investment is to balance your attitude to risk with your desire for positive returns. One of the first things your financial adviser will do is to ask you a series of questions to understand your attitude to investment risk. This is known as risk profiling.
  • Asset classes
    Typically investments are divided into four categories, known as asset classes: cash, fixed interest, property and shares (also known as equity). The different types of assets have different performance characteristics.
  • Asset allocation
    Asset allocation aims to get the right balance of different assets in your portfolio. Its aim is to make sure that the ups and downs in the performance of the funds in your portfolio balance each other out over time in a way that best suits your risk profile.
    To make life easier for you, Discovery Invest offers a range of funds that blend the different asset classes to create managed fund solutions.
  • Fund management
    Not only do funds invest in different asset classes, they are also managed in different ways. Actively managed funds are when the fund manager actively buys and sells investments with the aim of achieving higher returns than the fund’s benchmark. For passively managed funds, the fund manager aims to replicate a specific index, which is usually done by matching the underlying holdings of the index to the best of the fund manager’s ability. Finally multi-manager funds are when asset managers, who follow a multi-manager approach, select the fund managers who select the underlying assets rather than the underlying assets themselves.

Discovery Invest's Fund range

In a fast-changing investment environment, with a need for specialisation, Discovery Invest has chosen world-class investment partners to meet your needs. Our fund range aims to meet your unique objectives and attitude to risk.

It includes funds that offer a level of protection and a wide range of funds across all asset classes that cater for all investor risk profiles. We also offer investment funds managed by external asset managers both locally and offshore to give investors a large degree of flexibility.

Our comprehensive range of investment choices include:

  • Single-manager funds
  • Multi-manager funds
  • Special purpose funds
  • An investment fund with your retirement in mind
  • Investment funds with an embedded guarantee
  • External funds
  • Offshore funds

Looking after your investment

With the expert guidance of a financial adviser, investment funds can be used to build a portfolio that is easy to manage and tailored to your needs.

The funds you choose to invest in now may not be right for you later in life because market conditions and your personal circumstances change. You should review your investment funds regularly to ensure they still meet your needs.

You can monitor your investments online using our investment tools. You can keep your investments on track for success by rebalancing or switching your choice of funds. Fund switching is simple and convenient, especially when you do it online.