Discovery Childsafe Safe Travel to School

The Safe Travel to School programme is a joint collaboration between Discovery and Childsafe that envisions school-going children being transported safely to and from school every day. To achieve this, the programme is targeted at the scholar transporters who are responsible for transporting these school-going children every day.

The programme, which will be rolled out countrywide in 12-month phases over a period of five years will help scholar transporters to improve their driving behaviour and road safety awareness with the help of Discovery Insure’s propriety DQ Track System.

The DQ Track System tracks and measures driving behaviour, and each month, the scholar transporters will receive monthly feedback on their driving behaviour, and recommendations on how they can become better drivers and transport school-going children safely to and from school every day. Discovery, through this programme, and together with Childsafe, is committed to keeping our children free from harm and creating a nation of better, safer drivers.

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