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The Discovery Fund has over a period of years acknowledged the need for additional support, over and above the financial support, for our beneficiary community projects. In this regard we have over the years hosted an annual capacity-building workshop. In the last financial year, this was scaled up significantly with a 10-month programme, designed by Discovery People and specifically targeting areas of need identified. This programme was run both in-class and by remote and included a mentor component offered by Discovery managers. The programme has been particularly useful for those leaders operating in remote and under-resourced rural settings. Many of these rural settings have passionate and committed individuals who struggle to establish to build the desired partnerships with government and thus are unable to get the necessary support that would ultimately complement the work of government in that area. We have seen phenomenal progress in projects like Lesedi, based in Hertzogville in the Free State, African Schools of Mission, based in White River and Hlokomela in Hoedspruit as a result of this capacity building intervention.

The Fund has shifted its strategy to a programmatic approach. This approach moves beyond a traditional approach to social investment, which focuses primarily on individuals and individual organisations operating in relative isolation from each other, to one which focuses more heavily on a particular programme with multi-year funding partners. We believe that this lateral approach will be more beneficial. We hope that this approach will grow a deep base of knowledge within specific focus areas, which can be leveraged to effect broader change. There are significant developmental benefits in a programmatic approach. These include enhanced relationships with stakeholders, clearer opportunities and evidence of the Fund’s work making an impact, recognising, building and spreading best practice and leveraging off partnerships specific to each programme to increase impact. A programmatic approach will provide learning not just about individual projects, but about the chosen sector as a whole.

Maternal and child health

Supporting organisations with a history of success in the field of maternal and infant care either through direct service delivery or supporting recruitment, training, and placement of appropriate healthcare professionals.Read more

Community health projects

Support to organisations with a history of success in the field of mobilising and training community health workers, with a focus on active case finding, screening and referrals to health facilities, PHC services Read more

Human resource strengthening

Support through in-service and pre-service training, including bursary administration and the up skilling / training of community health workers, nurses and midwives. Click here for more information

Flagship programmes

The ChildSafe project is a joint initiative by Discovery and ChildSafe initiated earlier this year. Read more

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