2017 Discovery Card transactions and credit card fees

The table outlines the benefit fees on your Discovery Card effective 1 February 2017.

Monthly account service Fees
Platinum R65
Gold R40
Blue R40
Blue prefunded R85
Tenant (secondary) card R28
Linked DiscoveryMotor Card R22
Replacement card R165

Initiation Fee

R165 *
Monthly credit facility fee
Platinum R20
Gold R15
Blue R15
Discovery Miles and Fast Miles fees per year
Discovery Miles yearly fee R420
Fast Miles  yearly fee R3 520

*Excludes cash withdrawals and fuel purchases. There is no initiation fee for the Blue Prefunded Card

Important information

Discovery accounts governed by the Usury Act will automatically be migrated to the National Credit Act from 1 February 2015.

  • If you entered into your credit agreement with Discovery Card before 1 June 2007, you fall under the Usury Act.
  • If you entered into the agreement after this date, your account is already governed by the National Credit Act.

Under the national Credit Act 34 of 2005:

  • The values below include VAT.

  • Discovery Card reserves the right to change product features or fees at any time with reasonable notice. We also reserve the right to change the price of our products at any time, subject to regulatory or legislative changes.
  • Interest rates are subject to change with 30 days’ notice, or otherwise as governed by the National Credit Act.
  • Account fees are not negotiable.
  • From January 2015, all account fees will be billed monthly.
  • The transaction fees listed apply to every transaction.
  • International transaction fees (ATM and branch) may be reviewed quarterly. Some international ATMs may charge extra fees.
  • Section 101 (3) of the National Credit Act recognises that a credit provider may offer multiple financial services under a single agreement. This means that you may have a credit facility attached to, or maintained in association with, a transactional account.
  • Therefore, the charges that the National Credit Act permits under section 101 relate only to the credit facility part of the arrangement. It is only this part of the arrangement that constitutes the 'credit agreement' of the overall arrangement, even if it is contained in one agreement. The monthly account service fee Discovery Card charges is for the cost of the ongoing maintenance of the account.
  • Section B ('Account charges and fees') of the terms and conditions states that, apart from credit-related charges to your account, the account will also be debited for non-credit related charges. It also states that you may get a copy of the fee schedule by contacting the Discovery Card call centre.
Transaction fees per transaction
Credit card purchase Free
Credit card budget purchase Free
Fuel Transaction fee R5.00
International currency conversion fee 2.75%
Transfer from straight to budget R70.00
Cash deposit – FNB ATM with automated deposit terminal
Flat fee R5.80
Plus % of transaction value 2.10%
Cash deposit – FNB Branch and FNB ATM with envelope deposit
Flat fee R60.00
Plus % of transaction value 1.85%
Cash withdrawal fee – FNB ATM
Flat fee R11.50
Plus % of transaction value 1.40%
Cash withdrawals fee - FNB Saswitch mini ATM
Flat fee R11.50
Plus % of transaction value 1.40%
Cash withdrawal fee - Saswitch ATM
Flat fee R7 + FNB Fee
Plus % of transaction value 1.40%
Cash withdrawals - FNB Branch
Flat fee R60.00
Plus % of transaction value 1.85%
Cash withdrawals on budget facility – FNB Branch
Flat fee R60.00
Plus % of transaction value 2.75%
International withdrawals – ATM and counter fee
Flat fee R60
Plus % of transaction value 1.85%
Balance Enquiries
FNB Branch Free
International ATM Free
Saswitch ATM Free
Mini ATM Free
Email Statements Free
Dual Statements(email and post) Free
FNB ATM print fee (view or print) Free
FNB Branch Free
Email Statements - Online (older than 3 months) Free
Statement enquiries
Interactive Voice Response Free
Adviser Free
Email (adviser fee) Free
Fax(adviser fee) Free
Account Fees
Declined authorisation fee R8.50
Pay2Cell R4
Section 129 Letter Fee (per incident) R59.79*
Lotto/Powerball purchase R2.20
Prepaid Purchase R2.20
Local Voucher Retrieval request
Local Voucher R95.00
International Voucher R280.00
Discovery Card value-added services
InSync Free
Card courier personal delivery fee Free
Lost card protection Free
Transfers and Notifications
Online banking subscription Free
Inter-account transfer R4.75
Third party payments R11.00
Transfer and payments at FNB branch R60.00
SMS notification to third party R1.50
Fax notification to third party R5.00
Email notification to third party Free
Health Wallet fees
Annual fee Free
Processing fee Free
Transfer of funds between the Discovery Card straight facility into the Health Wallet (per transaction) R3.25

*Subject to magistrates court tariffs and registered mail costs

Interest rates

Please refer to your monthly Discovery Card statement for your current interest rate.

Credit interest rates

The credit interest rate you will be eligible for is not dependent on whether you are a Usury or a National Credit Act (NCA) customer. No credit interest is earned on the Blue Discovery Card.

Credit interest rates effective 18 July 2014

Credit balance Interest rate
R0 – R2 499 0.25%
R2 500 – R49 999 0.50%
R50 000 – R99 999 1.00%
R100 000 + 1.00%


Pay your account

It’s quick and easy to pay your account with a debit order. You can also make an internet transfer or direct deposit if you want to pay an additional amount.