The Most Rewarding Credit Card - Discovery Card

Discovery Miles makes using Discovery Card the most rewarding way to shop! Plus, you can earn up to 20% cash back at retailers in our partner store network.

Discovery Miles

Earning Discovery Miles is easy! Simply swipe where you shop – the more you swipe your Discovery Card, the more Discovery Miles you earn.


Experience true convenience and safety when you shop online through discovery/mall. You can use your Discovery Card, Discovery Miles, or a combination of both, to pay!

Book flights

Want to travel the world? Convert your Discovery Miles into SAA Voyager Miles or British Airways Avios and book your flights today.

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Cash back

Discovery Card gives you cash back for spending on things you want most – shopping and travel!

Holiday accommodation

Spend more on your holiday and less on your accommodation. With the Vitality Hotel Collection, you can boost your savings by up to 50% when you pay with your Discovery Card

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Big Concerts

Lover of the arts? Pay for Big Concerts tickets using your Discovery Card and get exclusive discounts and access to selected premium live events in South Africa.


Increase your rewards

To get the most value out of your Discovery Card, increase your Vitality status. The higher your Vitality status, the better your rewards.

Interest-free Apple purchases

Buy the latest Apple products interest free through iStore on discovery/mall. If you buy your items with your Discovery Card using the interest-free finance facility, you can get 12 months interest-free credit on your purchase.


Discovery Card in partnership with KaChing and admyt provides easy access to parking at selected shopping centres. The EasyPark benefit gives you the opportunity to simply drive into selected shopping centres without stopping, park and exit, hassle-free.

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