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Participant’s personal experiences

Lou Van Wyk - Financial Adviser

“DFA is a unique opportunity to equip yourself with the skills to succeed not only in Discovery, but also in life. It is a world class program that is a true game changer.”

Lebo Motingoe, Financial Adviser

“DFA ultimately allows me to pursue my passion for helping people, whilst developing my own potential. I’ve learnt that passion and purpose go hand in hand!”

Candyce Bruce, Financial Adviser

“The DFA has been a massive learning curve where I have been given the opportunity to grow as a financial adviser with the support of knowledgeable managers. The course has made me positive about my future success in this industry.”

Jess Chapman, Financial Adviser

“DFA has been an amazing experience and a steep learning curve. Great managers, trainers and colleagues have made it something I would recommend to anyone.”


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