DiscoveryMotor Card

The DiscoveryMotor Card offers you a convenient way to settle your fuel and car-related bills. It also provides essential safety and protection on the road. With a DiscoveryMotor Card, you get all the invaluable benefits that you'd expect from a petrol card. These benefits include roadside assistance, towing, courtesy transportation, hotel accommodation and car rental. Apply for your DiscoveryMotor Card and drive with confidence and peace of mind.

The DiscoveryMotor Card is a facility on your DiscoveryCard - the credit card offering from Discovery. You have to be a DiscoveryCard holder to qualify for a DiscoveryMotor Card.

Immediate help when you experience problems on the road:

Europ Assistance will provide you with assistance when you experience any of the following:

Emergency assistance

If you have a flat tyre, assistance will be arranged to help you put your spare tyre onto your vehicle, at both roadside and non roadside locations. If your battery is flat we will arrange for assistance to start your vehicle where possible, even at non-roadside locations. We will also pay:

  • For the call out fee and one hour’s labour for a locksmith to retrieve your keys, if you have locked them in your car.
  • For the call out fee and provide you with 10 litres of fuel, up to a maximum of twice a year, if you run out of fuel. Thereafter and at non-roadside locations, you will pay for the call out fee and the fuel.
Towing services

You will get cover for tow-ins for mechanical or electrical breakdowns to the nearest place of repair or safekeeping, no maximum limit. An additional tow will be provided in the event of the most appropriate place not being open at the time of the incident, no maximum limit. If your car is in an accident, we will provide assistance, but as the cardholder, you must cover all costs. Assistance is also provided at non-roadside locations. Vehicles will be towed and assisted from or at home, but the member will not qualify for an additional tow from the place of safekeeping.

Mechanical or electrical breakdown 100 km from home

If you have broken down more than 100 km away from home, and we arranged the tow, we’ll cover you for one of the below services to a maximum of R500 in total:

  • Accommodation for one night
  • Transport service to a destination of your choice
  • 24 hour, Group B car rental.

If you have broken down more than 100 km away from home, and we arranged the tow, we’ll arrange for your vehicle to be transported back to your home or place of work to a maximum of R500.

To make use of any of these value-added services, please call 0860 347 26837




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