Discovery SafeTrip – Pilot

Keeping our young doctors safe on the roads

At the heart of Discovery is our core purpose to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives. This core purpose is weaved into our business model and everything we do to guide people to health and life-promoting behaviour, which ultimately leads to a healthier and safer society. An integral part of a healthier society, is having a thriving healthcare system and Discovery is committed to investing in both the private and public healthcare sectors to benefit society as a whole.

Young doctors face many challenges in their working conditions. There are different initiatives aimed at identifying solutions to address challenges, such as working hours and levels of supervision. These solutions, once implemented, will go a long way to make sure interns can perform at their peak.

One challenge which Discovery can address immediately is the interns’ safety on the roads – late night driving and driving when tired are related to higher accident rates. Discovery SafeTrip will give medical interns the option to take a free trip home following a long shift.


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