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Discovery Executive Wellness programmes

Discovery Executive Wellness is a personalised experience that supports clients across areas of mental and physical wellbeing – through a team of highly qualified experts and through access to the latest health and wellness technology. Our comprehensive assessments and consultations consider both the personal and professional circumstances of clients.

Clients can choose between the following Executive Wellness programmes.


Discovery Prestige Plus Executive Wellness

A comprehensive four-and-a-half-hour personalised medical consultation at the Executive Wellness Centre in Sandton. Clients consult with a registered nurse, biokineticist, psychologist, dietician and a GP. Recommended for those with a high-risk profile.



Discovery Prestige Executive Wellness

A two-hour consultation at the Executive Wellness Centre in Sandton, recommended for clients with a medium-risk profile. Clients consult with a registered nurse, biokineticist and a GP.



Discovery Prime Plus Executive Wellness

A one-and-a-half-hour consultation including full body pathology with a wellness specialist at a location that is most convenient for the client, followed by a telephonic GP consultation. This offer is for clients with a medium to low-risk profile.



Discovery Prime Executive Wellness

This one-hour consultation with a wellness specialist is ideal for busy clients who need to have their assessments done at work or another convenient place. Recommended for those with a low-risk profile.



Discovery Personal Coaching Executive Wellness

A high-touch programme that ensures the identified risks from your visit are actioned! Each Coaching programme is tailored to meet each client’s needs. The focus is to change harmful behaviour patterns which cause elevated health risks, identified in the initial Discovery Executive Wellness assessments.

Product comparison

Inclusions Prime Prime Plus Prestige Prestige Plus Personal Coaching
Biokineticist consultation (anthropometry and body composition)      
45 mins
60 mins
Consolidated employer report          
Dietitian consultation          
Eye screening          
Full blood pathology          
Glucose, full lipogram and HbA1C (only for at risk individuals)          
GP consultation    Telephonic/Skype      
Hearing screening          
Individual health questionnaire          
Individual health report          
Group risk and individual life underwriting (where required)          
Lung function          
Posture assessment          
Psychologist consultation          
Resting ECG          
Spa treatment          
Stool analysis          
Stress ECG          
Stroke risk assessment          
Urine analysis          
Vitality Fitness Assessment          
Total assessment duration 1 hour 1.5 hours 2 hours 4.5 hours 4-6 weeks
2017 Sales price (inc VAT) R2 018 R4 700 R7 200 R11 002 R4 105

Please note:

1 | Radiology packages and additional pathology tests are available on the Discovery Executive Wellness Prestige and Prestige Plus packages at an additional cost.

2 | All prices mentioned include a Discovery Health Medical Scheme Screening and Prevention Benefit of R683 for 2017. This amount will be claimed and deducted from the member’s risk benefit, which is offered on all Discovery Health Medical Scheme Plans. Members do not have to be on Discovery Vitality to access the Screening and Prevention Benefit. Members are entitled to two preventative screenings per annum. This fee will not affect their day-to-day benefits unless all two of the allocated screenings for the year have been utilised. The employer must cover the Screening and Prevention Benefit of R683 per client that does not belong to a Discovery Health Medical Scheme.

Corporate landscape characteristics

The workplace has changed dramatically over the past decade. The responsibilities and pressures of the fast-paced, modern business world make it difficult for you to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The corporate landscape is characterised by:

Long working hours
Frequent travel
Physical inactivity
High stress levels
Unhealthy eating
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