Vitalitydrive Active Rewards

Discovery Insure Vitalitydrive brings you Active Rewards – a ground-breaking system that allows clients to earn a real-time reward for driving an event-free 100 km. Active Rewards is available to all Vitalitydrive clients.

How to redeem your Active Reward

We will send you an SMS or a push notification if you have achieved 100 consecutive kilometres of event-free driving. You can log onto or log onto the Discovery corporate app to redeem your reward.
You need to claim your reward within two weeks of receiving the SMS, or it will expire.
KAUAI, vida e caffè and StopWash rewards need to be redeemed and purchased within two weeks of receiving the SMS.
If you select a parking voucher within the required two weeks, it will be allocated to your parking partner account without an expiry date.
Please make sure your contact details are up to date to receive notifications.

How it works

As a Vitalitydrive client, you will automatically be enrolled to Active Rewards at no extra cost. All you have to do is drive an event-free 100 km to earn your reward. For smartphone-enabled DQ Track clients, a 4 Star or 5 Star trip is considered event-free. For standalone DQ_Track clients, trips with no harsh acceleration, braking, cornering and no speeding are considered event free.

Once you achieve your goal, you can choose from one of these rewards on or on the Discovery app:

  • A vida e caffè voucher for any beverage on the Vitality Active Rewards product list
  • A KAUAI voucher for any hot beverage, small smoothie or small raw juice
  • R10 admyt pre-loaded parking
  • R10 KaChing pre-loaded parking
  • Discounted car wash from StopWash
What you need to know:
  1. The Active Rewards benefit is available to all Discovery Insure clients with Vitalitydrive, at no extra cost.
  2. Your Plan needs to be active to access Active Rewards.
  3. You will automatically be enrolled for Active Rewards.
  4. You need to drive event-free for 100 km to earn an Active Reward.
  5. For smartphone-enabled DQ-Track clients, 1-, 2- and 3-star trips do not qualify. Only 4-star or 5-star trips will be considered. If a trip has a harsh event, all drives contributing to the event-free 100 km trip will be discarded including the trip with the 1, 2, or 3 Stars.
  6. For standalone DQ-Track clients, we consider a trip with no harsh acceleration, braking, cornering or speeding. If a trip has a harsh event, all drives contributing to the event-free 100 kilometres will be discarded including the trip with the harsh event.
  7. The criteria used to measure harsh events, speeding and trip scores is solely at Discovery Insure’s discretion. While we do our best make sure speed limit data is up to date and accurate, we are not responsible for any loss of rewards that may occur as this information is supplied by third party.
  8. A maximum of one Active Reward will be issued every week for every primary driver.
  9. An Active Reward week starts on a Monday.
  10. Event-free driving from the previous week carries over to the new week, unless you won an Active Reward in the previous week.
  11. The distance travelled is measured at the end of every trip and will contribute to your event-free 100 km.
  12. To redeem your Active Reward, you can visit or log onto the Discovery corporate app
  13. Your Active Reward needs to be selected within two weeks from the date of being awarded or the reward will expire. You can select your reward between a parking voucher from admyt or KaChing, a free smoothie from KAUAI, or a free coffee from vida e caffè or a discounted carwash from StopWash.
  14. KAUAI and vida e caffè and StopWash vouchers will expire after two weeks after the reward is earned.
  15. If you choose a StopWash reward, you can get discounted car wash where you will pay:
    • R15 for a body wash
    • R20 for the body blush
    • R30 for the body butter
  16. KaChing and Admyt vouchers don’t expire once selected.
  17. By using the benefit, you agree that Discovery Insure and Active Rewards partners may share your information to administer the benefit effectively.
  18. If you are no longer a client of Discovery Insure or Vitalitydrive, this benefit will no longer apply.

Product rules terms and conditions apply.



Frequently asked questions

Discovery Insure clients with Vitalitydrive will automatically be enrolled in the Active Rewards programme.

You  will receive an SMS when you reach your goal.

You have two weeks to select your reward before it expires.

You can redeem your reward from the web. You will need to choose between a parking voucher from Admyt or KaChing, a free smoothie from KAUAI, or a free coffee from vida e caffè.

You can only get one Active Reward a week for each primary driver.

If you have a harsh event, we will recalculate the kilometres from zero. This means your trip won’t count as an event-free kilometres and you will start working towards your 100 km event-free trips from zero again.

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