Why join Discovery Insure?


5 reasons to join Discovery Insure today:

Comprehensive car insurance and home insurance with no excess for damage caused by theft, hijacking, hail, storm or fire

Up to R750 back on your BP fuel spend each month

Vehicle tracking and recovery at no extra cost

Immediate assistance if you have been involved in a severe accident

18-25 year old drivers who drive well receive fuel rewards and 25% of their premium back

We offer you comprehensive, flexible and affordable short-term insurance options for your car, home and valuable items. We’ll provide you with valuable benefits like paying no excess if you have a valid claim for damage caused by theft, hijacking, hail, storm or fire.

By taking out car insurance and home insurance with us, joining our driving programme Vitalitydrive and driving well, you can earn up to R750 of your BP fuel spend back every month. You can also choose to boost your rewards and get up to 100% of your BP fuel spend paid into an account which can be used to pay the excess of any valid claim above the minimum basic excess.

With Vitalitydrive, you can choose to install a DQ-Track, at no extra cost. DQ-Track provides you with stolen vehicle tracking and recovery and we will be alerted if your vehicle battery or tracking device is tampered with. We give you peace of mind that your tracking device is always in working condition.

With DQ-Track’s safety feature, ImpactAlert we are notified if your car has been in a severe accident and will send you emergency assistance. DQ-Track offers you a number of safety features such as unique driver profiles which allows us to identify when someone other than the primary driver is behind the wheel and allows us to detect if the car has been stolen or hijacked. You can also track your car in real time by simply sending an SMS to your DQ-Track and we will notify you immediately of where your car is. You can use our online tool to define a preferred safe driving area for specific cars on your plan and we will sms you when the car leaves the safe or preferred area.

Exclusively available to drivers younger than 26 years, our Young Adult Benefit gives you rewards for being a safe driver. These rewards are in addition to your Vitalitydrive BP fuel rewards.

Discovery Insure rewards good driving