Five good reasons to choose Discovery Insure

Comprehensive car insurance 
Comprehensive cover for your car and home

Comprehensive car and home insurance with no excess on theft, hail, hijacking and malicious damage.

Comprehensive car insurance 
Great rewards for driving well

Rewards for driving well like up to R800 back on your BP fuel and Gautrain spend each month with regular feedback to help you improve.

Comprehensive car insurance 
Access to the latest global driving technology

The latest in global technology to become a better, safer driver with  DQ-Track.

Comprehensive car insurance 
Help when you need it most

Immediate medical assistance in an accident, and home security services after a burglary.

Comprehensive car insurance 
Fantastic rewards for young drivers

Support for 18- to 25-year-old drivers with 25% of their premiums back and fuel rewards for driving well.


Discovery Insure calls emergency services when you can't



50% cashback on BP fuel and Gautrain spend | Discovery Insure
Love your car as much as Discovery Insure? Get up to 50% of your BP fuel and Gautrain spend back for driving it well
Uber personal driver services |Discovery Insure
Get 25% off on Uber trips
DQ Track Mobile |Discovery Insure
Choose the DQ-Track option that suits your needs
Discovery Insure’s no-excess benefit
Pay no excess for insured third party claims
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