Keeping you safe on the roads

As part of our commitment to making South Africa’s roads safer, we offer you a range of advanced safety features and benefits.



DQ-Track is able to pick up and notify us if your car has been in a severe accident. We’ll monitor your car to see if you continue driving. If your car is stationary, we’ll try to call you on your cellphone. If we can’t reach you, we’ll immediately send emergency assistance to the accident scene.

ImpactAlert will work as long as your DQ-Track is functioning and you are in an area with cellular network coverage.


Weather warnings

We are able to warn you of expected bad weather using weather data and your DQ-Track location. For example, if there is an imminent large hail storm, you would get an SMS to park your motor vehicle under a roof and not to drive on the roads.


Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery

Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery is optional at an additional cost of R65 per month per car and is available to you, irrespective of your DQ-Track option. You will need to install our standalone DQ-Track to select this feature and we will perform a daily check to make sure your device is always working properly.


Roadside assistance

We will provide you with emergency roadside assistance when your car breaks down inside the borders of South Africa, and give you the following support:

  • Towing your car to the closest place of repair or safekeeping
  • Transporting you from your home or destination if it’s within 100km of where your car has broken down. If it’s not within 100km then you can choose to have:
    • One night's accommodation up to a limit of R1 000
    • A taxi service up to a limit of R750
    • Or rental car services up to a limit of R500.
  • We will jump start your car if your battery is flat
  • We will change your flat tyre and if you don’t have a spare tyre, we will tow your car to the closest place of repair or safekeeping
  • If you run out of fuel, we will deliver 10 litres of fuel to you.

Vehicle panic button

If you have installed and activated the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track, you can make use of this panic button for in-vehicle emergencies. Simply press your smartphone’s power button repeatedly, in quick succession (at least five times), while your smartphone is connected to your tag. An alert will be sent to Discovery Insure. The smartphone will vibrate and you will receive a notification to confirm that the alert has been sent.

A call centre agent will try to contact you or the names noted on your Plan and offer the necessary assistance. If they can’t get hold of you, they will immediately dispatch an emergency response team to assist with your vehicle emergency.

The call centre can:

  • Dispatch medical assistance;
  • Initiate recovery processes or towing services, depending on the incident.

Unique driver profiles

Using the information collected by the standalone DQ-Track, we can create a unique driver profile, which allows us to identify when someone other than the primary driver is behind the wheel.

This allows us to detect if a car has been stolen or hijacked as the driving behaviour in such instances usually differs significantly to that of normal driving behaviour. If we do pick up significantly different driving behaviour, we’ll call you immediately and provide assistance if you need it.

Unique driver profiles is only available if you select the standalone DQ-Track to measure your driving behaviour, with optional stolen vehicle tracking and recovery feature buy-up.



Discovery Insure is committed to keeping you safe on the roads. Our data shows that drivers are 10 times more likely to have an accident while driving late at night, than during other times of the day.

With Discovery Insure, you have access to discounted, safe personal driver services at any time of the day with our DriveMe partners – Uber, Road Trip and Scooter Angels, who are available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Durban. Scooter Angels is also available in Bloemfontein, East London, George, Nelspruit and Pietermaritzburg.

Uber is a smartphone application that connects you to a private driver at the touch of a button. Newly registered Uber users receive their first trip free, up to a R250 limit.

Road Trip will drive you and your car to wherever you need to go so you don’t need to worry about getting there safely.

Scooter Angels will fetch you at your location and drive you home in the comfort of your own vehicle. Take advantage of our exclusive Discovery Insure package and enjoy free monthly membership on the Scooter Angels Classic Plan.


GeoZones (Preferred Area)

You can use the online DQ Mapper tool to define a preferred safe driving area for specific cars on your Plan. You’ll get an SMS when the car leaves the safe or preferred area, allowing you to contact your family members and provide help if needed.

If you have the standalone DQ-Track you can access this functionality here.


Direction Assist and TripMonitor

These two benefits will take the stress out of planning trips and long journeys and help you to feel safer when you’re on the road.

Direction Assist will provide you with accurate directions within South Africa by telephone, fax or email.

TripMonitor provides you with a 24-hour helpline that will keep in contact with you throughout your journey, making sure you arrive at your destination, safely.

Call us on 0860 751 751 to access this benefit.




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