Why South Africa is such a great investment

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Retirement legislation reform

Retirement legislation reform: with change comes opportunity. Find out how our Top 40+ Fund gives you better long-term growth and less volatility. Click here to read more

What it costs to have a baby

While bringing a child into the world is a special time for any family, having kids comes with a hefty price tag.Read more

What it costs to tie the knot

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Six steps to successful investing

While the world of investing can be a pretty scary place, don’t let it stop you from jumping in and planning for your financial future.Read more

Does a political campaign affect your investments?

South Africans are gearing up to head to the polls on 7 May for what promises to be the country’s most interesting National General Elections since 1994.Read more

Offshore investing

General financial advice argues that a well-diversified financial portfolio includes a proportion of offshore exposure.Read more

What to do if you are 15 years from retirement and you haven’t saved enough

On the whole your life has been good. You’ve reached 50, your children are almost finished university and it’s time to look ahead to your own future – travel and, later on, retirement.Read more

The new face of business leaders

When you think of business leaders, your mind typically conjures up images of people like Microsoft magnate, Bill Gates, American business tycoon and investor, Warren Buffet and successful founder of, Jeff Bezos.Read more

Weighing up the costs of education

Costs are a key consideration when deciding on your child’s education. As a parent, you don’t need to be reminded about the importance of planning and saving for your child’s future.Read more

Cost effective ways to lose festive season pounds

You’re back from a relaxing holiday, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the year ahead. First things first though – after seeing all those glistening beach bodies and washboard abs while you were away, you’ve decided to make the most of your renewed vigour by getting back into shape.Read more

The cost of taking a sabbatical

Everybody needs a break. A time to think. To evaluate. To plan. To explore. Not a long weekend at some four-star game lodge without your iPhone, but a proper escape. A temporary break from life where you can stop what you’re doing and focus on yourself – a sabbatical.Read more

How much does your holiday really cost?

While that seven-day trip away may sound like a bargain, there are always additional travel expenses to consider before truly understanding how much your entire trip is going to cost. Read more

Making the most of your inheritance

Your grandmother has just left you an inheritance of R200 000. But now that you’ve had some time to think about it, you realise you’re not entirely sure what to do with your sudden wealth. This article gives you some insight into what you should do.. Read more

Top Ten Investment myths debunked

This article explains the top ten Investment myths debunked. Read more

Top 10 Investment mistakes and how to avoid them

This article explains the top ten investment mistakes and how to avoid them. Read more

Understanding multi-manager funds

This article explains how multi-manager funds are managed. Read more

Investing in your future-financial tips for the younger generation

This article explains tips when planning for your financial future. Read more

Top five retirement mistakes and how to avoid them

This article explains the top five retirement mistakes and how to avoid them. Read more

The building blocks of portfolio construction

This fact sheet explains the process of portfolio construction and how to construct an investment portfolio to maximise expected returns and minimise risk. Read more

Dont be FAISed: Getting to grips with investment acronyms.

This article takes the confusion out of these acronyms and helps you understand where they fit into the investment process. Read more

Socially responsible investing

This fact sheet explains the concept of socially responsible investing and sheds light on the ESG factors (environmental, social and governance) related to this. It also touches on the reasons companies participate in socially responsible investing. Read more

Exotic asset classes: Unveiling treasure assets

Exotic assets are interesting and valuable items that many investors choose to add to their investment portfolios. Popular examples of exotic assets include antiques, vintage cars, fine art, and rare collectibles like comics and action figures. This fact sheet explains some of the reasons people own these assets and showcases some of the most valuable exotic assets in South Africa and the rest of the world. Read more

What to expect from a financial adviser

This fact sheet provides an overview of the minimum standards a financial adviser must uphold, and gives you guidance on choosing an adviser that can best meet your needs. Read more

Understanding investment risk profiles

Identifying and understanding your risk profile will help guide you to the types of investment funds that suit your specific financial goals. In this fact sheet you will learn more about investment risk and understanding your personal risk profile. Read more

The next investment frontier

This fund fact sheet sheds light on the fundamental characteristics of frontier, developing and emerging markets and highlights their importance for you as an investor. Read more

Strong Rand/Weak Rand

This factsheet looks at some of the principal factors that determine the rand’s relative strength or weakness against other global currencies and aims to help investors gain a better understanding of some of the macro-economic elements that have a bearing on South Africa’s exchange rate. Read more

How to read and understand the Discovery Invest fund factsheets

Fund factsheets give an investor general fund information and explains a fund’s investment objective, risk profile, benchmark and target return, and the type of instruments it will invest in. This information allows you to stay abreast of the funds you have chosen to consistently track your investment performance. This guide helps you understand more about our fund factsheets to ensure that you benefit from the information. Read more

Understanding “the US fiscal cliff”

The term “US fiscal cliff” has been used widely in financial markets and by asset managers in South Africa and globally. This factsheet will explain the “US fiscal cliff”, how it all started, what has happened since 31 December 2012 and how it impacts you as an investor. Read more

Tax efficiency of a retirement annuity

In this fact sheet you’ll learn more about the benefits of a retirement annuity including tax deductible contributions, tax free investment growth and tax free payouts at retirement. Read more

Retirement regulations impacting your RA, preservation, provident or pension plan

This fact sheet explains the parameters of Regulation 28 and looks at its impact on personal investors saving for retirement. Read more

Understanding cash as an asset class

In this fact sheet we look at cash as an investment, the different types of cash investment, how investors should allocate their cash and whether or not investors can earn good returns from investing in cash. Read more

Understanding bonds as an asset class

In this fact sheet we explore what is meant by bonds, the different types of bonds and how the different entities earn returns by giving bonds. Read more

Understanding property as an asset class

This fact sheet examines property as an asset class and explores the investment options one has when allocating a portion of one’s portfolio to this investment class. Read more

Understanding asset class

Asset classes are building blocks of any investment. Asset classes chosen by an investor depend on a number of factors, namely; risk tolerance, length of investment and your financial objectives. This series of fact sheets looks at the main asset classes: cash, bonds, property and equities. Read more

Understanding equities as an asset class

In this fact sheet we explore the different types of equities that can be sold and bought on stock exchanges, as well as the different funds that one can invest into. Read more

Frequently used investment terms

This fact sheet examines some of the most common terms used in the world of investment, and gives a brief definition of each. Read more

Warren Buffet's investment approach

In this fact sheet we explore Warren Buffet’s investment principles, and how these can help you in your own investment portfolio. Read more

Understanding the efficient frontier

This fact sheet outlines some of the key principles about the efficient frontier, explaining what it means and how it is used in investment planning. Read more

Understanding Investment funds

In this fact sheet we dissect the different investment funds, the risk and returns, performance measures and charges associated with each type. Read more

Understanding inflation and how it affects your investment portfolio

In this fact sheet, we explore the causes of inflation, the effect it has on your investments and how one can beat inflation. Read more

Time tested investment principles

This fact sheet sets to explain investment principles that have stood the test of time. Read more

Understanding the stock market

This fact sheet looks at how stock markets work, the behaviour of stocks on the stock exchange and how the stock market has evolved over time. Read more

Understanding “risk on” and “risk off” and their effect on portfolio diversification

This fact sheet explains these investment terms, the correlation of assets since the financial crisis and when this phenomenon will fade. Read more

Investing for value and growth - what is the difference?

This fact sheet examines the difference between the two approaches, the similarities, as well as which approach is suitable when. Read more

Understanding the active and passive investment styles

This fact sheet sets out to explain the differences between these two investment styles to aid investors in their discussions with their financial adviser on choosing the most suited approach. Read more