Get more value

If you have a Discovery LIFE PLAN, you have the opportunity to reduce your fees or boost your lump sum investments through one of our Discovery Integrators.

Extra value with our Integrators

Investment Integrators

There are four Investment Integrator options:
  1. The As and When Investment Integrator is applicable to lump sum and recurring contribution Endowment Plans. This integrator will give you a reduction of between 40% and 100% on administration fees, asset management fees, initial financial adviser fees and policy fees for money invested in qualifying Discovery Funds. Your reduction percentage will depend on your Discovery LIFE PLAN premium and Vitality status..
  2. The Upfront Investment Integrator is applicable to lump-sum contribution Endowment Plans. This integrator offers significant value by increasing your initial lump-sum investment by up to 26% on qualifying funds. The size of the Upfront Investment Integrator will depend on your lowest Discovery LIFE PLAN premium over the investment term. This boost will grow at a guaranteed 6% per year.
  3. The Offshore Upfront Investment Integrator gives you an immediate 10% boost to your Offshore Endowment Plan contribution. This boost will grow in line with the investment options you’ve selected. To qualify for this integrator the premium on your Discovery LIFE PLAN must meet the minimum premium requirements.
  4. The Retirement Investment Integrator provides an immediate reduction of Discovery Invest Annual Administration fees, policy fees and asset management fees for your Discovery retirement Optimiser.

Annuity Integrator

The Annuity Integrator allows you to use the value of your Discovery LIFE PLAN to enhance your retirement savings. This enhancement will give you:

  • Increased retirement income
  • Protection against outliving retirement capital
  • Enhanced funding in the event of ill health
  • Protection against poor performance of the underlying investment