Local investments

Our local range of investments feature can be tailored to meet your investment needs. These plans take into account the need for you to access your investment funds, give you the tax efficiency you desire and the investment time horizon you need.

Plans available

Endowment Plan

This is a tax-efficient medium- to long-term investment that pays out a lump sum after a specific period.

The innovative Discovery Invest Endowment Plan is designed with many benefits that allow you to get much more out of your investment.

Why choose the Discovery Invest Endowment Plan?
  1. It allows you access to one of the Investment Integrators:
    • The Upfront Investment Integrator allows you to boost your initial lump-sum contribution by up to 26%.
    • The As and When Investment Integrator pays back up to 100% of all administration fees, policy fees, asset management fees and financial adviser initial advice fees.
  2. Contribute monthly to your Endowment Plan, and you get Fee PayBack on funds that didn’t benefit from the Investment Integrator savings.
  3. Choose the Contribution Waiver, and Discovery Invest will take over the premiums of your investment (if you suffer a severe illness or become disabled) and pay them until the end of your investment term, death, or the age of 65.
  4. The LifeBooster will boost your fund value, depending on your Vitality status, if you die after taking out a Discovery Invest Endowment Plan.

Flexible Investment Plan

Our Flexible Investment Plans allow you to save for short, medium and long-term life goals while providing you immediate access to your funds for those unexpected life events.

At Discovery Invest we now offer five types of market-leading Flexible Investment Plans:

  1. The Classic Flexible Investment Plan is a comprehensive, long-term, lump sum investment product with unique built-in performance protection that will boost your investment if your funds perform poorly.
  2. The Essential Flexible Investment Plan is a medium-term lump sum investment for someone with a horizon and seeking one of the lowest fee structures in the market.
  3. The Core Flexible Investment Plan gives you access to a broad range of investment funds, as well as complete access to all your money, all the time.
  4. The Recurring Flexible Investment Plan is a recurring investment product that allows you to make regular contributions, choose from the full range of investment funds and gives you access to your money at all times.
  5. The Tax Free Flexible Investment Plan is a lump sum and a recurring investment product where your investment gains will be tax free.

Why choose the Classic Flexible Investment Plan?

Under the Classic Flexible Investment Plan you receive an immediate boost to your investment amount called the Classic Performance Protector Fund, which is equivalent to 10% on all qualifying Discovery Funds and 7.5% on other funds. The Classic Performance Protector Fund grows at a guaranteed rate of 6% a year.

For the full detail of this product please refer to the brochure or contact your financial adviser.