Making changes to your investment

Once you've worked with a financial adviser to decide which investment funds best suit your portfolio, its important to revisit those decisions. Markets change, and re-balancing helps you maintain your target asset allocation among stocks, bonds and cash. If the value of the stocks in your portfolio increases, the ratio of stocks to bonds could change. Over time, you could end up with more risk than you realise, if your assets aren't adjusted periodically to ensure they still meet your target allocation.

Review your asset allocation regularly with your financial adviser to ensure your investments are in line with your needs and expectations - and invariable market shifts.

Servicing your investment

Changing within your portfolio

1. Complete the Discovery Invest Switch form
We must receive these instructions by 10:00 on a business day if they are to be processed that day.

2. Switches are emailed or faxed
We accept switches that are:
faxed to us on 011 539 5777
emailed to us on

3. Switch fees
The first four switches per year are free. From the fifth switch a switch fee of 0.25% of the investment amount being switched applies to each additional switch.

Changing details of your investments

Investors may change the following investment details by completing the Discovery Invest request to amend details form

  • Personal details and contact details
  • Bank account details
  • Beneficiary nomination
  • Investment contribution

Transferring the rights of your investment

To cede the investment in a collateral cession, investors must complete a Discovery Invest cession form and must give us a letter from the bank that the investment is being ceded to. The letter must be on the bank's letterhead.

Retirement Funds may not be ceded or attached, as determined by the Pension Funds Act and Long Term insurance Act.