Plan for a rich and rewarding retirement

Before you retire

Retirement Plans and Preserver Plans

We help you save for retirement in a way that suits you with unique benefits that help you get better returns.

  • Get up to 15% more money for your retirement through the Retirement Upfront Investment Integrator.
  • Receive additional money to help you fund your tax
  • Save on your annual administration fees

Download more information about your Retirement Plan (Fact file)

Download more information about your Preserver Plan (Fact file)

Discovery Retirement Optimiser

You can enhance your retirement savings before you retire.

  • Turn unneeded life cover into cash
  • Get extra money if you become severely ill or disabled
  • Save on your fees if you choose Discovery Funds

Dollar Discovery Retirement Optimiser

You can create a retirement plan in US Dollars.

  • Grow your investment with discounts on your annual fees
  • Get an extra amount on your investment when you turn 65

Download more information about your Dollar Discovery Retirement Optimiser (Fact File)


When you retire

Retirement Income Plans

We provide you an income throughout retirement.

  • Get an additional income of up to 50% when you retire through the Retirement Income Investment Integrator
  • Receive income certainty for the rest of your life
  • Choose the way you want to receive your income with flexible annual income withdrawals

Download more information about your Retirement Income Plan (Fact file)


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