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We are excited to share the latest retirement enhancements and benefits that are available to you, as a client invested in the lump-sum Core or Classic Retirement or Preserver Plans before 31 January 2017.

You now pay lower administration fees

You now enjoy a reduction in your annual administration fees from 0.55% + VAT, to 0.4% +VAT as of the first week of April 2017. This reduction will be applied automatically.

Upgrade to the latest version of our lump-sum Retirement and Preserver Plans to enjoy 0% annual administration fees

You can reduce your annual admin fees to zero when you upgrade* to the new lump-sum Retirement and Preserver Plans and choose the Boost Accelerator option.

The Boost Accelerator gives you the opportunity to use the notional upfront boost to your retirement savings (called the Retirement Upfront Investment Integrator) to reduce your annual administration fees to zero, until your retirement boosts** have been depleted.

*you will have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest versions from 03 May 2017. Please contact your financial adviser to find out more.

Use your Discovery Miles to enjoy zero admin fees for even longer

If you have a Discovery Card and you earn Discovery Miles, you now have the option to use your Discovery Miles to increase your retirement boosts**. When you do this, we will boost the amount of Discovery Miles that you use to enhance your boosts transfer by up to 200%. The boost percentage is dependent on your Vitality status.

This benefit enables you to enjoy zero annual administration fees on all funds from day one for an even longer period (if you have selected the Boost Accelerator option), until your retirement boosts** have been depleted.

The Discovery Miles Integrator is available on all lump-sum Retirement and Preserver Plans.

**retirement boosts = Retirement Upfront Investment Integrator boost

Contact your financial adviser for more information on these products and benefits.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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