Cover for employees


As an employer, you know that your employees are your biggest investment. That’s why it’s important that you look after their personal interests, helping them protect their financial future and the future of their dependants.

At Discovery Life we can help you become just that, by offering you a suite of the most comprehensive, relevant and cost-effective group risk products to suit your employees’ needs.

Life cover

Group risk life cover is about more than protecting your employees’ financial security in the event of their death – it’s about rewarding them during their life as well. Which is why Discovery Life goes beyond a lump-sum payout, delivering exclusive benefits throughout their policy term.

Cover for severe illness

A severe illness can have substantial financial repercussions. Our Severe Illness Benefit will look after your employees with a lump-sum payment, and give them access to certain international medical practitioners and treatment while providing cover for their children as well.

Cover for disability

No-one likes to think about becoming disabled, but the Capital Disability Benefit from Discovery Life can help ease the burden should any of your employees ever suffer such a life-changing event. And your employees will enjoy 100% cover until they turn 65 or retire.

Protect your income

Your employees shouldn’t have to lower their standard of living in the event of injury, disability or severe illness. The Income Continuation Benefit from Discovery Life pays employees a monthly income if they are unable to work.

Protect your child’s education

Help your employees give their children the best start in life with the Global Education Protector – a policy that covers fees to all South African universities as well as a number of world-renowned universities such as Harvard and Oxford, should one of your employees die, become severely ill or disabled.

Cover for funeral expenses

A death in the family is always a difficult time, however the Funeral Cover Benefit from Discovery Life can help make it easier, with a lump-sum payment to help assist your employees’ families, and cover for up to three spouses and five children.

Additional protector benefits for employees – exclusive to Discovery Life group risk

Contribution Protector

Temporary disability shouldn’t affect your ability to pay your bills – which is why should one of your employees ever suffer such an event, our Contribution Protector will take care of their monthly payments towards their Discovery products, including their Discovery Health Plan and retirement annuity premiums as well.

Mortgage protector

Help your employees in times of stress with Mortgage Protector – a policy covering employees’ bond repayments for up to 24 months should they die or become permanently disabled.

Performance Bonus Protector

Keep your employees motivated and rewarded with Performance Bonus Protector from Discovery Life – cover that will pay up to 100% of an employee’s past performance bonus in the event of their permanent disability.


Our mission is to help employees become healthier by giving them the tools and motivation to improve their wellness inside and out. Vitality is a corporate wellness programme that is available as an optional benefit on the group risk Life Plan, and to all members on the Discovery Health Medical Scheme. If over 50% of your workforce belongs to the Discovery Health Medical Scheme, your remaining employees (while not on the Discovery Health Medical Scheme) may also join Vitality through the group risk Life Plan – helping your entire staff work towards a happier, healthier future.


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