Ask Discovery Life frequently asked questions

You can apply for a Discovery Life policy through an accredited Discovery Life financial adviser. If you don’t know of a Discovery Life financial adviser, please email the following information to

  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Language preference – English or Afrikaans
  • Name of the area in which you are situated
  • Discovery Health membership number if you are a member
  • Cellphone number
  • Work number
  • Home number

We will arrange for a financial adviser to contact you in order to compile a life insurance quote.

If you have a Discovery Health Plan or Vitality or are a Vitalitydrive member, you can benefit from Integrating these products with your Life Plan to enjoy an initial premium discount, control your future premium increases or decreases and have a portion of your premiums paid back to you every five years.

You can find more information about the Discovery Integrators here or by contacting your financial adviser.

We are always improving our existing benefits and these improvements are not automatically added to your policy. Speak to your financial adviser to check if you qualify for an upgrade your benefits.

There have been changes to the way in which income replacement benefits, such as Discovery’s Income Continuation Benefit, are taxed. In terms of the Taxation Laws Amendment Act 43 of 2014, from 1 March 2015, contributions to income protection policies paid by individuals or employees will no longer qualify for a tax deduction and the proceeds of these policies will generally be tax-free.

Because of this change, no tax certificates will be issued by Discovery Life to individuals or employees with the Income Continuation Benefit.

It is available on the website. You need to log in to view your financial adviser’s details.

Yes you can. You can use the online submission process or complete a beneficiary nomination form and send it to Discovery Life by email at or by fax on 0860 54 33 99.

To update your banking details with us, we need proof of the account. We will accept a cancelled cheque, copy of a bank statement or a letter from the bank confirming the details.

You need to provide the following information to us by email or fax:

  • Bank name
  • Accountholder
  • Account number
  • Branch name
  • Branch code
  • Account type, for example cheque

Please note: only the owner of the policy or the financial adviser on record can request the changes without submitting a signed letter.

Please send the information to:


Fax number: 0860 54 33 39

You may also use the online submission process.

First National Bank

Account number: 62018779390

Branch name: Oxford Park

Branch code: 255005

Please include your 10-digit Discovery number, which is available on your policy schedule under your ‘Risk benefit and premium details’ as the reference code.


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